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First Look: Proton Suprima S, The National Car Maker’s Latest Hatchback

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  • ericmaxman

    This is what happens when you let an IT fella write about cars. “Mated to the engine is a CVT automatic transmission which is said to be developed by Proton as well.”

    The CVT gearbox is developed by a BELGIUM company called “Punch”.

    • ericmaxman: Well, I wrote what Proton told me. So yup, blame them then. :3

    • Sperma S

      The gearbox is supplied by Punch, but the development is done by Proton. Proton does the tuning (developing the response characteristics, heat management, cold weather performance, diagnostics, etc etc), integration with engine, and other systems such as the Bosch ESP. So Proton is the one who develops the gearbox.

    • seat-belt

      did you ever know what does ‘develop’ means, mr ericmaxman?

  • kongee

    Wira Aeroback still the best compare to this

  • kawasaki

    RM80k i can buy a more hightech car, don’t forget it is just a proton nothing special

    • Lee Moo Eez

      Which hi-tech car did u mention?^_^ at RM80k

  • truman6

    the spec is good, which worth the money..but proton’s quality,..well…

  • adi

    I like to have one suprima for myself as I heard this car’s performance at par with volkswagon polo… can give them a try…

  • Suprima Ass

    Congrates proton….keep up a good work, nice car but…i will never buy as it is proton’s

  • Eric

    Perhaps this car was good in term of handling, performance, safety and also comfort. But at this price range, lots of choices already.

    What I wondering was, still using Hydraulic Power Steering rather than EPS

  • jess

    Best car of proton? That’s what they said about Preve and look how it sux..never buy a proton lols

  • sirlee

    what are you guys do at marketing commercial for proton suprima s sucks..too long script and the sleepy dull voice doesn’t reflect someone excited about having experience test drive of the car. wake up looo

  • bagai

    Nice Car. dashboard….front panel need to retouch. Engine…..sharing exora and preve?…Pls come out with ‘FUEL ECONOMY’ engine. Another car well known producer can come out with 12km / liter with 1.8l engine. This is 1.6 with more fuel consumption per liter. Pls work on that PROTON. Lastly… product quality and finishing…pls work on that. With 80k…people will look for other option…fuel saving and high quality.

  • rudee

    Malaysia oh Malaysia. A type of person who talk more and do less.

  • suprima owners, let’s join us

  • Kristof verpoorten

    dear all,

    Lets clarify this. Punch Powertrain did develop the CVT, we also calibrate the clutch behaviour and driving strategics. We do rely on Protons expertise to get feedback on how they think the car should behave and performed joined tests. They indeed do the mechanical integration. The finetuning is however done by Punch in close coorperation with the ECU supplier and Proton.

    Best regards,

    Kristof Verpoorten
    Manager Punch Powertrain Malaysia

  • erik

    power : lower than swift sport 1.6, mini cooper s
    fc : worse than evo 4wd. gsr 1.8 even better fc