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Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 Officially Priced: Arrives Into Malaysia On Dec 21

Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820

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  • se7en


    • JSern

      Last to get laid

  • nen

    wondering how much if purchased with data plans. Heard digi’s got this on with their plans… hopefully 820 will go around RM1200 range

    BTW, anyone heard about the 620? Its priced at USD 250. This might be actually another good steal

  • Setokin_47


    • poppy

      learn to count mate

  • Boon

    Just wondering. Will Maxis offer data plans for the two devices? >< I hope it will.

  • Adam

    Finally i can a grasp of this phone!

  • amy

    yeah! even one week after iphone 5 will b launch..
    i still can wait for lumia 920! daebakk!

  • penditaaa

    It’s good time but, any promotions for the pre-order customer? Or should wait at the launching carnival?

    • Right, here’s the thing about the pre-order exercise that Nokia Malaysia is going to kick off tomorrow for these devices – from what we learned earlier today, there is no pre-order promo or bundled accessories so far for the pre-order customers. All they can confirmed now is that pre-order customers will have the priority on the stocks. That’s about it for now. Nothing confirmed about any launch event as well although they did vaguely mentioned about future roadshows.

  • Yusri

    I can’t wait to use the MS apps for my daily work basis. I love making notes and writing something on the move. Other apps that I normally in Win 7. It’s about time to replace my 3 year old HTC Legend, crawling over time. It won’t be a matter if Win phone 8 will have few hundreds of apps since I’ve tried few 70 Android apps and after 3 years, only 6-7 apps you will be using most of the time. Had a great time with Android and now is the time to move on. Just that I’m pretty sure there’ll be a lighter version of Lumia, prolly will be called the Lumia 920 Lite sometime Q1 or Q2 2013. Who knows; this is marketing strategy. No one can really imagine how heavy and bulky the Lumia 920 really is until they get a hold of it.

  • Suhana

    how much does lumia 920 cost now?

    • Last time we checked, it is still the same RM 1,999.