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Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Will Also Launch On Linux/SteamOS

by Farhan · 22 mins ago · 1 Comment · 7 views

Borderlands Pre-Sequel

Valve’s push to promote gaming on Linux systems has scored another victory after 2k Games announced that the upcoming Borderlands the Pre-Sequel will be launching on Linux and SteamOS from day one. This new comes as Borderlands 2 also arrives on SteamOS, making the prospect of owning a Steam Machine slightly more attractive.

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Windows 10 Technical Preview Now Available

by Farhan · 51 mins ago · No Comments · 184 views

Windows 10 Task View

Technology enthusiasts who cannot wait to try out the new Windows 10 features are in luck. Microsoft has released the Technical Preview for Windows 10, and it is now available for download from the official website. Users will have to sign up for the Windows Insider program before being allowed to download the preview, but all that takes is signing in with a Microsoft Account.

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Will it Bend? Samsung Shows its Bend Test on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

by Huei Song · 2 hours ago · No Comments · 925 views

Note 4 is thin and light but strong

Thanks to the whole iPhone 6 Plus “bendgate” issue, bend tests have suddenly not only become compulsory, if a phone is strong enough, it is something to brag about. We all know that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is one of the strongest smartphones out there, Consumer Reports found that it’s the strongest among several devices they tested, and even Unbox Therapy couldn’t bend it (the guy who showed how bendable the iPhone 6 Plus is, in more than one video) no matter how hard he tried, so how about the Galaxy Note 4?

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Maxis Teases the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Tells You to Anticipate the Arrival

by Huei Song · 2 hours ago · 1 Comment · 234 views

Maxis Galaxy Note 4 Teaser

Look at what Maxis just teased on its main page, the telco has just put up a teaser telling fans of the Samsung Galaxy Note series to “anticipate the arrival” of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Unfortunately, unlike DiGi who opened a registration of interest page for you to fill in your details so they can contact you when the device is available, all Maxis has is just a teaser.

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Google Street View 101

by Farhan · 16 hours ago · 2 Comments · 2.8k views


Now that Google Maps Street View covers a large section of peninsula Malaysia, it might be time to sit down and examine precisely what the service actually is. For most Street View is an interesting distraction or a quaint tool to use for looking up random locations and see what there is. However, it is a bit more than just looking at your own house from the Internet.

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Maxis Lowers Price for iPhone 5s Bundle, Are They Preparing for iPhone 6 Launch in Malaysia?

by Huei Song · 20 hours ago · No Comments · 3.6k views

Maxis Revise iPhone 5s Price

Now that the iPhone 5s is officially cheaper, local telcos are finally starting to reflect the changes with their package. Maxis recently revised their iPhone 5s bundles, offering the device from as low as RM329 (previously RM599).

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This is How Nokia’s HERE Maps for Android Looks Like

by Pang Tun Yau · 21 hours ago · 16 Comments · 2k views


Nokia’s HERE Maps is one of the most solid alternatives to Google Maps, and provides one advantage that even Google Maps still struggles to offer: offline maps and turn-by-turn navigation. After Nokia’s mobile division was acquired by Microsoft, HERE remained part of Nokia, where it was then free to pursue development of HERE for Android.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Gap Is A ‘Feature’ Not A Flaw

by Farhan · 22 hours ago · 16 Comments · 6.4k views


The user manual for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has been released for download, and users have discovered an interesting note in the troubleshooting section. It appears that the gap between the screen and bezel that users have complained about is not a manufacturing flaw, but rather a necessary manufacturing feature.

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Google Offering Unlimited Storage on Drive for Students and Teachers

by Huei Song · 22 hours ago · No Comments · 1.6k views

Google Drive

Google has been providing unlimited cloud storage on Google Drive for business since their Google I/O 2014 event back in May, and it looks like students and teachers will soon be able to enjoy something similar too. The company just announced that they will be offering anyone who use Google Apps for Education unlimited storage and the ability to keep files up to 5TB in size in Google Drive.

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Next Hearthstone Expansion Will Include Over 100 New Cards

by Farhan · 23 hours ago · No Comments · 249 views

Hearthstone Arena

Blizzard’s Hearthstone has been doing well to sell the idea of an online card game, but that is because it has yet to release a proper expansion set. The recent single player campaign in Curse of Naxxramas added roughly 30 or so cards to the environment, but it overall didn’t have as much as the rebalancing of some of the cards like Starving Buzzard. This will change as the developer is preparing to release its first 100+ card expansion set.

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Pebble Drops Prices By US$50 And Adds More Fitness Functions

by Farhan · 1 day ago · 3 Comments · 1k views

Pebble Steel

Wearable enthusiasts who have been looking into buying a Pebble can now get it at a substantially lower cost. Prices for both the Pebble and Pebble Steel have been cut by US$50 (or GBP50 for those in the UK). New features have also been added through a software update and apps that reveal the Pebble’s intention to bridge the gap between smartwatch and fitness band.

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Leak: Press Image of the HTC One (M8 Eye)

by Huei Song · 1 day ago · 1 Comment · 1.2k views

htc-one-m8-13The Original HTC One (M8)

Can’t wait for HTC to finally introduce a HTC One (M8) with the 13MP dual camera you’ve always wanted? The HTC One (M8 Eye) is yet to be announced by the Taiwanese company but it looks like product shots have already been posted online.

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