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How to Make the Most out of the RM200 Minimum Value for Maxis iPhone 6 Trade-In Promotion

by Huei Song · 1 hour ago · 2 Comments · 560 views

Maxis iPhone 6 Trade In Program May 2015

For those of you who wish to get an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, did you know that you can easily save a couple hundreds of Ringgit from Maxis’ trade in program? Sure, the trade in value they offer for the listed phones may not be as competitive as what you can get from the market, but with a minimum rebate of RM200, here’s how you can make the most out of the deal.

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Megaupload Begins Serving Porn, And Malware After FBI Forgets To Renew Domain Registration

by Farhan · 2 hours ago · No Comments · 457 views


Notorious download site Megaupload began serving visitors a feed of malicious ads last week; this would not be very surprising, until one remembers that the domain was seized by the FBI not too long ago. What follows is a series of embarrassing errors from both the American law enforcement bureau and the black hat hacker who got himself involved.

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Apple Acknowledges Bug that Crashes iPhone Messages App, Offers Temporary Solution

by Huei Song · 2 hours ago · No Comments · 614 views

iOS Messages App

Don’t worry about that unfortunate string of characters that can crash your iPhone with only a simple text message, Apple acknowledges the error, and is already working on a fix. Meanwhile, for those who are affected by the bug, here’s a temporary solution shared by Apple.

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Google I/O 2015: New Chromecast APIs To Improve Multiplayer Game Experience And Autoplaying Videos

by Farhan · 3 hours ago · No Comments · 220 views

Chromecast New API

Google has announced a new set of tools for the Chromecast to allow developers to build a better second screen experience. The focus appears to be on interactivity, and it looks like Google wants developers to start building more multiplayer games for the Chromecast.

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Official Apple Store App Available in Malaysia, Supports Touch ID and Two-Step Verification

by Huei Song · 4 hours ago · 1 Comment · 709 views

Apple Store App Malaysia

Apple has just made shopping on its online store a whole lot easier and more convenient for us Malaysian users. The official Apple Store app is now available for download on the App Store.

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HTC Confirms Android M Coming to HTC One M9, One M9+ and More

by Huei Song · 6 hours ago · 1 Comment · 466 views

Google IO Android M

That was quick, in just less than an hour after Google took the curtains off Android M, Jeff Gordon, Senior Global Online Communications Manager at HTC Corp, shared on his Twitter account that the update will be coming to the company’s latest flagship devices and more.

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Lenovo Tech World: Lenovo’s VR Headset To Go On Sale By End Of 2015

by Pang Tun Yau · 6 hours ago · No Comments · 303 views


Part of the Lenovo Tech World event was also an area called the Lenovo Innovation Centre, showcasing its concept devices, current products and of course, future releases. One such product is Lenovo’s own virtual reality headset.

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Lenovo Rebrands Itself With New Logo and Motto, “Never Stand Still”

by Pang Tun Yau · 7 hours ago · 2 Comments · 825 views


At Lenovo’s recent FY14 announcement, the company made a rather startling discovery: the world’s leading PC maker sold more smartphones than PCs in 2014. That may not have been the trigger behind the huge rebranding exercise unveiled at Lenovo Tech World, but it certainly came at just the right time.

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Google I/O 2015: Google Maps will Soon Support Offline Navigation

by Huei Song · 7 hours ago · 4 Comments · 687 views

Google IO 2015 Maps Offline Navigation

Good news for fans of Google Maps, Google announced at its I/O 2015 that its Maps app would soon be able to support search and turn-by-turn navigation while in offline mode.

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Google I/O 2015: Jump – New Tools For The Masses To Capture The World In Virtual Reality Video

by Chief Chapree · 14 hours ago · No Comments · 427 views

Google Jump

Virtual reality is neat but it is not easy to come out with VR contents as usually requires custom camera rigs. Since Google is very much into VR through its Google Cardboard platform, the company apparently has decided to tackle this issue with something that called as Jump which was just announced a short time ago during Google I/O 2015’s keynote.

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Google I/O 2015: Google Cardboard Update; Includes Expedition Programme For Schools

by Farhan · 15 hours ago · 2 Comments · 377 views

Google Cardboard

Google has not forgotten its low cost VR headset and will soon be offering an updated version of Google Cardboard for consumers. It will also be using the low cost of the the Cardboard VR headset to allow schools to take virtual reality field trips through its new Expeditions programme.

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Google I/O 2015: Google Now Will be Much, Much Smarter in Android M; Introduces “Now on Tap”

by Andrew Cheng · 15 hours ago · No Comments · 889 views


Google Now is about to get much, much smarter once Android M is here. The company has just showcased – at the ongoing Google I/O event – what Google Now will be capable of in the next iteration of Android. It will be focused on three aspects: context, answers, and actions. Now on Tap is also a very interesting new feature.

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