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European Parliament Votes To Break Up Google

by Farhan · 1 min ago · No Comments · 0 views

Google Street View Wall

The European Parliament has handed Google a massive setback as it voted 384 in favour and 174 against a motion to divorce search engine features from other services. While this vote is not binding, and does not explicitly target Google, it has brought up concerns about what might happen to the internet giant after the matter appears before the European Commission.

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Amazon Appstore Giving Away US$130 Worth of Android Apps for its Black Friday Sales

by Huei Song · 30 mins ago · 2 Comments · 92 views

Amazon Appstore Black Friday Free Android Apps

It’s Black Friday today, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t get a good deal outside of the U.S. Amazon’s Appstore is giving away a large collection of Android apps for free today, worth over USD$130 (that’s about RM440).

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Garmin Malaysia Launches Vivosmart Starting At RM 650

by Nicklaus Law · 59 mins ago · No Comments · 106 views

The Garmin Vivosmart, a fitness band by the Switzerland-based company renowned for its navigation equipment, has officially been launched on Malaysian shores. It is the second device to join Garmin’s repertoire of fitness bands alongside the Vivofit.

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Apple Rumoured to Stop iPhone 5c production in 2015

by Nicklaus Law · 1 hour ago · No Comments · 119 views


The iPhone 5c, Apple’s solution to consumers who want a cheaper alternative to the then flagship iPhone 5s, will reportedly cease production some time next year. Apple’s rumoured halt on the production of the iPhone 5c was reported by Taiwan’s Industrial and Commercial Times. 

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Baidu to Launch the Dubike Smart Bike by Year’s End

by Andrew Cheng · 2 hours ago · No Comments · 385 views


Baidu, often referred to as the Google of China, is planning to release a smart bike called the Dubike by the end of the year. This non-motorised smart bike features a whole suite of sensors and technology, while also looking very futuristic.

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Quick Look: Panasonic Let’s Note CF-RZ4, the 745g Hybrid Laptop

by Pang Tun Yau · 3 hours ago · No Comments · 380 views


At our recent visit to Panasonic’s Toughbook manufacturing plant in Kobe, Japan, we were also able to take a look – and drool over – the company’s latest hybrid laptop in the business-oriented Let’s Note series, as the semi-rugged laptops are known in Japan. Weighing just 745g but packing an Intel Core M processor and running on Windows 8.1 Pro, this is surely one of the pinnacles of Panasonic’s engineering prowess…and surprisingly, it’s targeted for its female consumers.

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Building the World’s Toughest Notebooks: Panasonic Toughbook Shows the Way

by Pang Tun Yau · 3 hours ago · 1 Comment · 487 views


Easy questions often come with difficult answers. “How vast is the universe?” “Where do we come from?” “How do you build the world’s toughest notebooks?”

As it turns out, Panasonic wanted the world to know the answer for the last question too. And, like all complex answers, this one required a little bit of show and tell.

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Ubisoft Apologises for Releasing Buggy Game with Free Assassin’s Creed Unity DLC

by Andrew Cheng · 18 hours ago · 2 Comments · 957 views


It is without a doubt that Ubisoft has delivered a very, very buggy game with Assassin’s Creed Unity. As a token of apology, Ubisoft is giving out the Dead Kings DLC for free to everyone who owns the game.

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HTC Malaysia is Launching the Desire EYE and RE Camera on 5th December

by Andrew Cheng · 19 hours ago · 4 Comments · 1.4k views


HTC Malaysia sure didn’t take long to bring its latest offerings to our shores. Just a couple of months ago, HTC unveiled the Desire EYE and the RE Camera, two new products that will satisfy any selfie or camera addict. This 5th December, a launch event for these two devices will be held here.

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Bing Maps Can Now Show You How Long it Takes to go from Point A to B Based on Current Traffic

by Huei Song · 19 hours ago · No Comments · 718 views

Bing Maps with Clearflow

Microsoft has just made its Bing Maps a lot more useful with the worldwide launch of Clearflow traffic estimation. Clearflow can predict the traffic on the road even if it does not have live traffic data, which means that it is now able to tell you the time it takes to travel from one place to another based on the traffic conditions on the road.

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Razer Is Publishing A Documentary Mini-Series About eSports

by Farhan · 20 hours ago · No Comments · 244 views

Team Razer Great Games

Razer appears to be getting in on the eSports documentary action with a three episode mini-series about the growing competitive scene. Much like Valve’s Free To Play, this is another close look at the people who have chosen to play video games for a living; and how their choices affect those around them.

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Beats Solo2 Now Available In Malaysia

by Nicklaus Law · 20 hours ago · No Comments · 1.4k views

beats 1

Beats Solo2 by Dr. DRE have finally made their way onto Malaysian shores and can be purchased from their online store or from retailers. The headphones will come in a few colours namely, red, blue, pink, grey, white, and black.

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