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McDonald’s Malaysia Begins To Accept Credit and Debit Cards

by Chief Chapree · 6 hours ago · 1 Comment · 0 views

Credit Card and Debit Card at McDonald's Malaysia

While credit and debit card might be a standard payment option at McDonald’s restaurants in certain countries such as US, UK, and Singapore, McDonald’s Malaysia didn’t offer such option even though its close rival KFC has implemented it back in 2008. However, this is going to change soon as we have spotted the payment option at McDonald’s Sunway Pyramid earlier this week.

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Gigabyte Unveils The F2A88X-D3HP Motherboard

by Nasir Rabik · 7 hours ago · No Comments · 0 views

gigabyte amd mobo

Gigabyte has unveiled its newest mid-range motherboard dubbed the F2A88X-D3HP. The ATX motherboard is based on AMD’s A88X chipset, which supports FM2+ socket CPUs. Gigabyte mentioned that its newest motherboard is included under the company’s “Ultra Durable” motherboard series, which is said to be, well.. ultra durable.

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Google Is Giving Away 2GB Of Drive Storage For Today

by Terry Bass · 8 hours ago · 1 Comment · 0 views

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 3.38.42 PM

Running out of space on Google drive? Need more storage for your files and documents? Well, Google has got you covered as the company is giving 2GB of Google Drive storage space for free. Google’s offering is done in conjunction with the world’s ‘Safer Internet Day’ (SID), which is pretty similar to what it did last year. The organisations aims to promote young individuals to use the internet safely and responsibly.

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Micron Announces Mass Production Of GDDR5X Memory Starts In Summer 2016

by Nasir Rabik · 8 hours ago · No Comments · 0 views

Image Credit: Micron

Micron has updated consumers on the progress of its GDDR5X memory standard. According to Micron, the testing phase is currently showing positive results and certain components are already being manufactured. In addition to that, Micron has also mentioned that it is aiming to mass produce the memory standard come summer this year. GDDR5X is a successor to the already ageing GDDR5 memory standard. Although not as powerful as the upcoming HBM2 technology, GDDR5X does, instead, provide a more economical choice for PC enthusiasts.

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YouTube Offline Playback Now Available In Malaysia

by Chief Chapree · 9 hours ago · 1 Comment · 0 views

YouTube Offline Viewing

Google today has officially announced that the offline viewing function for its YouTube app is now available for users in Malaysia. Originally announced for several Asian countries back in 2014, this particular feature allows users to temporarily save videos from YouTube into their device.

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Leaks Update On The Samsung Galaxy S7 And S7 Edge

by Terry Bass · 9 hours ago · No Comments · 0 views

Image Credit: Evleaks

Mobile World Congress 2016 is right around the corner and it wouldn’t be complete without the obligatory pre-event smartphone leaks. Samsung’s upcoming flagship Galaxy S7 series has surfaced again and it isn’t just a render this time around. There are supposedly actual photos of what might be the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge; along with details about the massive battery and benchmark scores.

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Chinese Consortium Buys Out Opera For RM5 Billion

by Farhan · 10 hours ago · No Comments · 0 views

opera 1

A consortium of Chinese companies has made a $1.2 billion (about RM5 billion) bid to buy out Opera. While the web browser maker has not yet responded to the deal, its board of directors has recommended that it accept the offer.

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Confirmed: Intel’s Upcoming BIOS Update Will Eliminate Non-K Skylake Processor Overclocking For Good

by Nasir Rabik · 11 hours ago · 3 Comments · 0 views


Intel has now confirmed that it will indeed release a BIOS update which will disable any form of overclocking on non-K Skylake processors. According to PCWorld, Intel mentioned that overclocking non-K Skylake processors isn’t recommended, simply because they weren’t designed for it. Interestingly, this confirms the recent rumour about Intel playing a part in ASRock’s decision to issue a BIOS update which removes its SKY OC technology.

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Instagram Now Allows Multiple Account Switching

by Terry Bass · 12 hours ago · 2 Comments · 0 views

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 11.56.41 AM

Instagram has finally added support for multiple accounts on a single device in its 7.15 update. This has been a long time coming, although it has probably come a lot later than many users would have liked. In any case, Instagram users on Android and iOS will now be able to manage multiple accounts in a more reasonable way.

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“Error 53” Is Killing iPhones That Have Been Fixed By Third Party Repair Providers

by Terry Bass · 12 hours ago · 4 Comments · 0 views


Apple’s iOS 9 firmware update may bring with it a lot of new features, but it also has the ability to render your iPhone useless if it has ever been fixed by a third party repair provider. Users have been receiving an “Error 53” where the iPhone is disabled without any prior warning or notification and there is no way of bringing it back to life.

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Google Is Building A Better VR Headset

by Farhan · 13 hours ago · No Comments · 0 views

cardboard fold

A report indicates that Google is currently working on a new virtual reality headset, one that is set to rival Samsung’s Gear VR. This new piece of hardware from the internet giant will fix some of the problems that exist with the Cardboard VR headset and will almost certainly be built like a more tradition piece of electronics.

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Top Video Game Piracy Group To Take Year Long Break

by Farhan · 13 hours ago · No Comments · 0 views

Just Cause 3

It looks like there will be a rough time ahead for video games pirates. Top Chinese piracy group, 3DM, has announced that it will cease cracking activities on games for a whole year. Apparently the group is looking to study the effects of piracy on sales of games; and this has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that it is struggling to deal with the Denuvo encryption that protects some games.

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