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BBM Messenger App Finally Arrives on Windows Phone

by Huei Song · 15 mins ago · No Comments · 7 views

BBM for Windows Phone

It looks like the BBM messenger for Windows Phone you’ve always been waiting for is finally here. Microsoft recently announced that the messaging app from BlackBerry has exited beta mode and will be available for download in the Windows Phone store soon, if not right now.

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AMD Introduces Trio Of New Kaveri Based APUs

by Farhan · 45 mins ago · No Comments · 51 views


AMD has finally introduced the new range of Accelerated Processing Units (APUs) based on the Kaveri architecture. The fourth generation A10-7800 APU was announced early last month and features 12 compute cores (four CPU and eight GPU) with a substantially lower TDP than its predecessor. Aimed at DIY and the system builder market, the three new APUs are based on the FM2+ chipset; which makes them incompatible with older machines.

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Xiaomi Fined for Selling Less Units than Advertised in Taiwan Flash Sales

by Pang Tun Yau · 2 hours ago · No Comments · 650 views


The Taiwanese Fair Trade Commission (FTC) has fined Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi a total of NTD600,000 (around $20,000) for false advertising over the number of units that were sold in some of its flash sales that went on in Taiwan. The authority found that in three of its flash sales in December last year, Xiaomi had sold less units than it claimed to have in stock.

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HTC To Hold Press Event, Possibly For The Much Anticipated “HTC One M8 For Windows”

by Dee-Ker · 3 hours ago · No Comments · 95 views


HTC has begun sending out press invites for an event in New York scheduled for the 19th of August. With the recent rumours about a HTC One M8 for Windows, many are predicting that this event is meant to unveil the Taiwanese company’s latest flagship smartphone, powered by Windows Phone 8.1. 

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Leak: OnePlus OneWatch Made Using Titanium and Sapphire

by Huei Song · 4 hours ago · No Comments · 593 views

OnePlus OneWatch Product Page

Round smartwatches are definitely a lot more attractive than the typical ones we see in the market today. When Motorola first announced its Moto 360 smartwatch, it was one of the most beautiful thing ever and now it looks like OnePlus may be developing something similar. BGR recently posted a set of leaked images showing off a rounded smartwatch from OnePlus called the OneWatch.

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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Launches 14-Day Free Trial Period

by Farhan · 4 hours ago · No Comments · 428 views


Square-Enix’s hit MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has officially launched a 14-day free trial period for those who want to try the game before buying into it. FFXIV follows a subscription model similar to that of World of Warcraft, and requires players to both buy the game and pay a monthly fee to access the servers. Previously, the only trial period existed as a 30-day pass after buying the title.

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Microsoft Office for iPad Gets Updated with PDF Export and More

by Huei Song · 5 hours ago · No Comments · 120 views

Office for iPad Export to PDF

Good news for those of you who use the Microsoft Office app on your iPad, the company has just given your favorite app a much needed update, bringing the ability to export to PDF, support for third-party fonts, video playback support and more.

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[LYTV] Gaming First Impressions: Magic: The Gathering

by Farhan · 6 hours ago · No Comments · 143 views

With the launch of the latest Core product from Magic: the Gathering, we stopped by our nearest friendly local game shop (FLGS) to find out what has been keeping people coming back to the game for over 20 years. What we found was that while the game has a highly competitive tournament scene, it isn’t just all about a bunch of geeks playing with funny cards. There is a profound sense of community and camaraderie that among the players.

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This is the HTC One (E8), the One M8′s Plastic Twin

by Pang Tun Yau · 18 hours ago · 5 Comments · 1.5k views


HTC’s excellent One (M8) remains one of my favourite smartphones of this year. It managed to get a lot of things right, from the beautifully-designed chassis, very light software skin and surprisingly good battery life, but stumbled a little at the final hurdle: the camera. Many bemoaned the fact that HTC retained the 4MP UltraPixel sensor, while adding the depth sensor for some genuinely cool effects. Don’t get me wrong, it is a much-improved camera compared to last year’s HTC One, but I personally wished it captured images at higher resolutions.

It is a criticism HTC has heard many times, and perhaps it is for that same reason the company has come out with the One (E8): a similarly-designed smartphone featuring a polycarbonate shell and a large 13MP rear camera sensor. It is also priced significantly cheaper too: the One (E8) is rumoured to be priced at RM1,699 when it is launched later this year. So how’s the One (E8) like?

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Xiaomi Kicks LG Off the Chart and is Now the World’s Fifth Largest Smartphone Vendor in Q2 2014

by Huei Song · 20 hours ago · 9 Comments · 2.9k views

Xiaomi Fifth Largest Phone Manufacturer Q2 2014

Yesterday, the latest Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker report from IDC showed that Chinese phone manufacturers are on the rise while the more popular ones like Samsung and Apple are falling. Today, Strategy Analytics releases something similar but further demonstrates how strong Chinese phone makers are as Xiaomi kicks LG off the top 5 chart, taking its place as the fifth largest smartphone vendor in Q2 2014.

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Bleep, The Discreet Messaging App From BitTorrent

by Dee-Ker · 22 hours ago · No Comments · 924 views


BitTorrent is currently preparing to launch a private messaging app called Bleep that is specifically designed to protect users’ messaging history data and anonymity. Unlike Skype, Google Hangouts or Facebook Messenger, Bleep is a decentralised communication platform, meaning it does not store your chats in the company’s servers.

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Samsung Sees Quarterly Drop in Profit for First Time in Three Years

by Pang Tun Yau · 23 hours ago · 1 Comment · 1.3k views


For the first time in three years, Samsung Electronics has seen a drop in quarterly profits. Now, these figures are not as dramatic as they sound, since the company still made billions in net profit, but one of the contributing factors behind Samsung’s Q2 drop in profits were due to the traditionally strong Samsung Mobile division.

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