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Xiaomi Mi 4 (3G, 16GB) Now Available in Malaysia for RM1,199

by Huei Song · 3 days ago · 23 Comments · 11.4k views

Xiaomi Malaysia Mi 4 RM1199

Just when we thought that Xiaomi would not be offering the Xiaomi Mi 4 in Malaysia, the Chinese company suddenly made an announcement about the device’s arrival. The Mi 4 is now available in Malaysia through a local distributor for a retail price of RM1,199.

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ASUS ZenFone 2 Prices For Malaysia Leak Out: Available In Four Variants From RM 599 Onwards

by Chief Chapree · 3 days ago · 10 Comments · 6.8k views

ASUS ZenFone 2 Price Malaysia

There are still more than one week to go before the consumer launch of ASUS ZenFone 2 in Malaysia takes place but it turns out that we don’t have to wait till 9 May to know the price of the smartphone. According to a series of images that seems to be snapped during a closed door event for local dealers, the ZenFone 2 is apparently priced at as low as RM 599 and that is already inclusive of GST.

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Build 2015: Windows 10’s Continuum Turns Phone Into PC

by Chief Chapree · 3 days ago · 2 Comments · 1.9k views

Continuum For Phones - Windows 10

In addition to announcing Microsoft Edge and the ability for Android as well as iOS developers to convert their apps to Windows 10, the company has also showed off its new Continuum feature for Windows 10 phones during the company’s first keynote Build 2015 last night. It is slightly different from the one that is made for 2-in-1 devices and tablets though which was first announced last year.

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Lightning Review: Leagoo Elite 2 – I Wished It Performs as Good as It Looks

by Andrew Cheng · 3 days ago · 3 Comments · 8.4k views


Up to this point, Leagoo mainly made smartphones for budget-conscious consumers. The RM599 Leagoo Lead 7, for example, has a generous 4,000mAh battery that also doubles as a power bank. With the Elite 2, it seems like the Chinese company is stepping up its game in hopes of capturing the mid-range smartphone market as well.

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Dell Showcases Inspiron 23 7000 AIO, First Product in Malaysia Equipped with Intel RealSense 3D Camera

by Andrew Cheng · 3 days ago · 2 Comments · 1.2k views


Dell Malaysia has shown us something unexpected: the Inspiron 23 7000 Series All-In-One computer. Equipped with the Intel RealSense 3D Camera, this is essentially the first product in Malaysia to be equipped with the technology.

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Build 2015: Windows 10 Preview For Raspberry Pi 2 Now Available

by Farhan · 3 days ago · No Comments · 969 views

Raspberry Pi A+

Microsoft’s diversification of Windows 10 continues with the introduction of the Windows 10 IoT Core Insider preview, which is essentially the Windows 10 preview for tiny computers. At the moment the preview only supports the Raspberry Pi 2 and Intel Minnowboard, but it intends to expand the range over time.

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TIDAL Officially Enters Malaysia, Offers Lossless High Fidelity Music Streaming

by Pang Tun Yau · 3 days ago · 3 Comments · 1.7k views


TIDAL, the new music streaming service that offers lossless high-fidelity streaming, is now in Malaysia. The service that’s now owned by international music icon Jay Z is available for Malaysians looking for a premium music streaming experience from as low as RM14.90 per month.

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Digi’s New Prepaid Bundle Offers Lenovo A319 or Alcatel Pixi 3 at Only RM99, Comes with Free Internet

by Huei Song · 3 days ago · No Comments · 1.8k views

Digi Prepaid Bundle April 2015

Digi recently introduced new Digi prepaid bundle, this time round, featuring the Lenovo A319 and Alcatel Pixi 3. Get one of these two devices at only RM99 without a contract, and enjoy 6 months of free internet.

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Samsung Plans To Expand Semiconductor Business In 2015

by Farhan · 4 days ago · No Comments · 460 views

Samsung UFS 2.0 128GB

Samsung is planning on injecting some 10 trillion won (about RM32 billion) into its semiconductor business this year to meet growing demand for its electronic components. The semiconductor business continues to prop up Samsung’s bottom line, while its devices and smartphones are currently experiencing slow demand.

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[Update: Indiegogo Investigating] Remember Project Ara? This is Fonkraft, The World’s First Crowdsourced Modular Smartphone

by Terry Bass · 4 days ago · 5 Comments · 3.9k views

fonkraft-modular 2

Fonkraft Technologies has started a crowdsourced campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds for what the company is calling the world’s first crowdsourced modular smartphone. The company looks to be racing Google’s Project Ara to the market, which is nice to see another take on the modular smartphone concept.

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Build 2015: Microsoft Hololens Prototypes Shown Off In Build Promo Video

by Farhan · 4 days ago · 2 Comments · 767 views

Microsoft Hololens prototypes

Microsoft is not prepared to reveal any new details about the Hololens, but it did tease a little more of the promising device with a promo video shown at the 2015 Build Conference. Called a “A Close Look at the Hardware”, the video doesn’t really show much about the hardware but provides another look at the VR headset.

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Build 2015: Microsoft Plans To Bring Android And iOS Apps To Windows 10

by Farhan · 4 days ago · 8 Comments · 1.4k views

Windows 10 iOS Android

Microsoft surprised developers at its Build Conference last night by announcing that it is working on a way to get both Android and iOS apps to run on Windows Mobile (the new name for Windows 10 on smartphones). This is massive news for Windows Phone users who have traditionally been treated as an afterthought by developers; it could also make Windows based smartphones a whole lot more attractive to consumers.

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