Google Chrome Could Soon Display Ads On Its New Tab Page

Google is reportedly looking to display selected advertisements on its Chrome web browser’s New Tab page. According to a recent report from XDA, the advertisements which will be displayed on your screen is said to be based on the users’ browsing activity within Google services. Which most likely means it will be related to the products that might be of interest to you anyway.

The aforementioned feature is currently being tested on the latest build of Google Chrome Canary on Windows. As seen in the screenshot above, the advertisements displayed would be noticed in the form of a card format below the Google Search bar. According to XDA, this new ‘hub’ section will also include streaming services and even recipes based on your browsing activity.


For now, it is not known if Google will indeed implement this feature on its full-fledged Chrome browser. However, with the company currently testing this feature on its Canary test-site, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the new addition to appear on the company’s web browser soon.

Those who wish to gain first-hand experience on this feature can do so by launching Canary via this link and type “chrome://flags” in the address bar to enable flags. Following that, search for the following flags “NTP Modules” and “NTP Shopping Task Module”. Next, ensure that NTP Modules is enabled and then select “Enable – Fake Data” and lastly, restart the browser to view the changes.

(Source: XDA, Chrome Canary)

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