Noblechairs Announces Special DOOM Edition HERO Gaming Chair; Retails For US$500

Noblechairs recently announced that it was launching the DOOM Edition gaming chair under its HERO lineup. For fans of Bethesda’s DOOM reboot, the chair is both a homage and tribute to Bethesda’s reboot of the DOOM and its sequel, DOOM Eternal.


Design-wise, the DOOM Edition chair takes on the distinct in-game characteristics. Around the front, the backrest showcases the runic symbol of the Doom Slayer, handstitched in red and contrasting against the all-black leather that makes up the entire chair. Spin it around, and you’ll see an illustrative variant of the demonic pentagram also handstitched into it. Along with the words “Rip and Tear” having also been stitched into the side of the seat.

On a somewhat related note, it appears that the DOOM Edition chairs were designed and made in conjunction with Bethesda’s QuakeCon at Home online event, which is scheduled take place starting today until 9 August.

Beyond that, the chair is basically like every other unit in Noblechairs’ HERO lineup. This includes adjustable lumbar support, a memory foam headrest, individually adjustable seat heights, and larger-than-average seat and backrest. Designed for prolonged gaming sessions. Also, the chair supports a maximum weight of 150kg.

Noblechairs says that its DOOM Edition HERO gaming chair is already available worldwide and retails for US$499.99. At the time of writing, however, we were unable to enter the brand’s official site to find out the official local pricing.

(Source: Noblechairs via TPU)

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