GrabFood May Have Switch Off Eateries Availability Without Their Knowledge

GrabFood may have systematically made restaurants unavailable for customers to order food without the knowledge of the eateries themselves, according to several restaurants that have shared their experience online.


Located at SS15 Subang Jaya, Burgertory as per its name is specialized in burgers. As per the post on its Facebook page last night, the eatery was first alerted by its customers who stated that Burgertory kept on being not available to them via GrabFood despite even though their locations are not far away.

On 26 May 2020, Burgertory then noticed that it was not being available on GrabFood throughout the day even though other restaurants within the same areas did not encounter such experience. Subsequently, this resulted in zero sales coming from GrabFood orders on that day.

Naturally, that has prompted the eatery to contact GrabFood’s merchant support for explanations. It was then told that GrabFood has made Burgertory unavailable to customers in favour of other restaurants that allows the service to obtain a higher commission rate.

Following the call, GrabFood then made Burgertory available once again on its app. However, the eatery faced similar experience yesterday, complete with the same explanation by the delivery service which promoted the eatery to share its experience online.

The post then garnered massive attention from its customers which not surprisingly has also attracted GrabFood to provide some explanation. However, many were not satisfied with GrabFood’s comment:


Two other eatery owners have also shared their experience through Burgertory’s post:

Another restaurant in Damansara Utama, Mamalee stated that it has also encountered similar experience. Mamalee has now asked customers to order by calling  directly if the eatery is shown as unavailable on GrabFood:


We are now reaching out to GrabFood for their side of the story. While we will keep you posted once we receive a response from the delivery service, do share your experience in our comment box below or our Facebook page if you have encountered this “unavailable” issue on GrabFood whether as a customer or restaurant operator.

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