Sony Announces, Of All Things, The Vision-S Concept Car

Sony has just announced its Vision-S concept car at CES 2020. You read that right; the company didn’t announce its next PlayStation, Alpha camera, Walkman audio product or Xperia smartphone, but a concept electric car.


So what does the Sony Vision-S come with? To start, it has 33 sensors, which consist of CMOS image sensors and ToF sensors. This helps the car detect and recognise people as well as objects inside and outside of the car. These are usually the kind of sensors you’d expect from a self driving car.

Sony also says that there’s a panoramic screen where you’d expect to find the dashboard. Coupled with this is the company’s “360 Reality Audio”. The emphasis on entertainment also suggests that that the company wants you to be watching videos in the Vision-S rather than driving. That said, it still comes with a steering wheel.

Other more car-esque specs of the Sony Vision-S include accelerating from 0-100km/h in 4.8 seconds, and a top speed of 240km/h. It’s also an all-wheel drive, with double wishbone suspensions.

For now, it’s unclear what Sony intends to do with its Vision-S concept car. Chances are the company intends for this concept car to be a reference to other companies rather than a sign of it entering the automotive market. But who knows? The company has already made the surprising enough move of unveiling a car at CES 2020. It may throw another curveball in the future that is related to this Vision-S.

(Source: Sony [1], [2])

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