Here Comes The New Death Stranding Trailer from E3 2018: We Are Still Utterly Confused

Touted as one of the main highlights for PlayStation’s E3 2018 press conference, Hideo Kojima came to the event with another look at his upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive title, Death Stranding. Once again, the famed video game designer didn’t disappoint us.


By that, we meant that he actually left utterly confused once again just like the first three teaser trailers that he and his team at Kojima Productions have released for the past two years. Nevertheless, the new 8-minute clip did show us a number of new elements from the game that were never been revealed before.

For example, the new clip is the first to show some form of gameplay from Death Stranding. However, it pretty much consisted of the main protagonist which is played by Norman Reedus (of Walking Dead’s fame) walking and climbing the treacherous world that the game is set in. This didn’t provide any clear indication on what the game is all about.

Other than that, Kojima has also introduced two new characters through the new trailer. One of them is played by French actress, Lea Seydoux which many might have noticed from James Bond’s Spectre as well as Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

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Lindsay Wagner, known for her role in 70s TV series, The Bionic Womam is another new actress that has joined the Death Stranding cast. However, she is represented by her younger self inside the game…for the time being, at least.

It goes without saying that Kojima still have plenty of secret from Death Stranding that he and his team have yet to unveiled. For now, we just have to be content with this new trailer from E3 2018.