Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (2018) Hands On: So, So Close

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  • InterwebsCat

    Price too expensive, should not be that much. RM3,500 should sound more reasonable. No one’s going to buy this piece of crap, trust me. Who can afford? I can’t for sure, hence other people also for sure cannot afford. Cuz I’m an internet cat.

    • Iman Chow

      hahahahhah, do u know the price of carbon fibre ?? RM 3500 ?? u must be joking, this laptop is water and shock resistant. Name other laptop that has those feature and price at 3.5k. Besides that, other carbon fibre laptop that i know beside lenove thinkpad series is Dell XPS series, and all of them are 5k minimum. Maybe you should read more tech article before commenting.