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Pokemon Go To Stop Working On Older iPhones; On Purpose

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  • Clement Yeo

    The reason is obvious, newer iOS cannot Jailbreak ma..
    No jailbreak = no location faker = can’t cheat to roam around

    • Chin

      iOS 11 to 11.1.2 is jailbreak-able, and the tool for jailbreak has been released.

  • Matchy

    According to Niantic support, it will still support phone that older iOS (<11), but the phone must support iOS 11.

  • fatlantis

    When software makers join hardware makers in planned obsolescence.

  • Chin

    I guess obviously is due to the ARKit introduced in iOS 11.

  • Aniki

    apple cooperate with niantic to get people change their old iphone to new phone but they might got it wrong as people will switch to Android and stop playing Pokemon Go~