Uber And Air Asia Partner To Offer Streamlined Transportation

Uber and Air Asia have announced a partnership that will see the two companies integrate their booking systems. As part of the scheme, Air Asia will include deeplinks for customers to book Uber rides while making travel reservations.

The idea is that customers will use an Uber to get to the airport, get on the flight, and then take another Uber at the destination. Creating an entire transportation ecosystem that benefits both the companies; while also being convenient for the passenger. As such, new Uber users are invited to use the “AIRASIA” promo code to receive free and discounted rides to the airport.


Additionally, the Air Asia deeplink will allow users to schedule rides up to 30 days before their flight. Ensuring that they always have a car waiting to pick them up. Although, there’s really no telling what happens if a flight gets cancelled or delayed.

The two companies are set to begin a joint marketing effort, but there doesn’t seem to be any discount codes for Uber users who want to book Air Asia flights. Which, honestly, is what most people would be interested in.