ASUS NovaGo Goes Official: A Windows 10 2-In-1 Laptop Powered By Snapdragon 835


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  • Abu.Salimah

    Seems too expensive for a SD835 device, though. Although, when you think about it, most flagships are already overpriced if compared to this “gadget”
    edit: MS should get Whatsapp to create an app for Win10 and let this notebook make/receive calls, too… then I think I can leave my phone at home.

    • Kenneth Tan

      I think it is slightly over price since it is equipped with UFS storage. You can install Win32 version of WhatsApp on this ARM based laptop. Snapdragon 820 (Early adoption) can run full PhotoShop Win32 version software smoothly.

      • InfoO2

        And the display is bigger, cost more to build it.

    • kzm

      I already install Whatsapp in my W10 laptop

  • InfoO2

    Add in HP Envy x2 as well

  • IckyMasala

    IMHO, this device should go well with DiGi’s Infinite 150 package

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  • Dreal

    Interesting… vey insteresting.
    As always with 1st gen devices, it’s better to wait & see first.
    Previously there’s a post about its single core score in Geekbench = 1500… hmmmm.
    Their direct competitor are Apollo lake CPUs, so we might or might not see real world performance difference in that class’ typical usage; office, video streaming, casual gaming.

    Some Apollo Lake laptop cost below RM2200 with 13.3″, FHD IPS, 4GB/64GB(maybe eMMC), sans touch screen.
    So price-wise, it looks appropriate since we’ll get additional feature; LTE, touch screen, & probably longer battery life.