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Apple iPhone Is No Longer Available On Maxis’ Zerolution

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  • Kecet Kocit

    You know why Maxis removed Zerolution for iPhone? Coz some dumbass got no/less money one, still drooling over this iPhone and thinking they could have one and show off to others.
    So what happen when the 2 years contract start eh? Of cos many can’t pay bill on time. These ppl must be forgotten or buat buat lupa they must pay the iPhone instalment and their line package every month for 2 years. And some more they skip skip pay the bill. Bill no pay, of cos line kena block maa. That iPhone also kena block wan. After that go call the telco, bark bark like a mad dog complaint this and that, why block line, why kenot use their iPhone oledi. Of cos maa, you don’t pay bill your bill on time 1/2/3/4 month oledi, some more got no shame ah ask that question? Then later you always give excuse you kenot pay the bills bcoz u got money prob or salary no out yet or you have other commitments or this and that. Waliao, did you say all those things first time when you took that iPhone? No righhhhht?

    But some ppl also very smart one. They took this Zelolution then they jual the iPhone to other shop or ppl and stop paying. Poor new buyer of that iPhone never know that iPhone will kena block/block oledi bcoz the 1st owner signed 2 years contract but never or make less payment then cabut lari.

    What to do? The new buyer of cos want to buy cheap cheap iPhone maa. Usually the price for this kind of iPhone is cheap/very cheap than its usual price.