OpenSignal: Maxis Leads, But Yes 4G Performs Surprisingly Well

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  1. Syahme says:

    Yes i have to admit MAXIS always the best compare to other network but it comes with a price and not everyone can afford to pay RM98 for 10GB internet .. maybe it’s time to lower the price.

  2. Prithipal says:

    Yes DOES not allow one to port out to other Telcos. YES claims their terms and conditions state that one cannot port in nor port out. MCMC regulations state that there is no restriction / hindrance porting from one telco to another.
    Complained to MCMC and with the nonsensical reply from Yes, MCMC says the problem has been resolved. It appears MCMC personnel did not understand the reply from Yes.

    Has anyone gone through this hassle?

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