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Apple Reduces Prices Of All iPhones Currently Available In Malaysia

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  • Winson

    Aish , IPhone is getting expensive la even though they already reduce the price . I guess I couldn’t get them even once in my life , sad. I like the latest IOS 11

    • Najla Adiba

      these days, there re so many tournament mobile game like Se7en gear that give away cash prizes as the winning prize. You just try ur luck then, who knows you win the tournament and get cash prizes to purchase iphone.

      • Bobby

        huh se7en gear? what kind of game it it ? never heard of this game before . is it a scam since it offers so attractive prizes

        • BrainylOoKmAN

          yes what Nalja Adiba telling is true also , you guys havent join the se7en gear game tournamen yt huh ?? its really an interesting tournament to join , and d tis time they even giving out the iphone for the winner from 4th place dudes…i am so eagerly playing each and everything to get and maintain my scores in their leadboard n get the prizes too !!!!!!! still got time try to join in the tournament lor simple…

          • miko mi

            heyy are you participating in this tournament ???
            thats greatttt , its a nice game right …i am playing it brooo…dont failed to upload your highest ranking up to date in their leaderboard bro its ony showed u r in active n ur name will be in coming top level bcz last week i forgt to tpup and upload the score its gone !! 🙁 ….so dont do like me ….wasted ….upload it up to date

          • Winson

            oh this game need to upload our score one ya,thx for telling here ya so I can know better how this tournament works

        • Emma

          You can go through their official game hero tournament website for further info and only then, you can know that it is not a scam at all. In fact, they provides cash prizes for the winner of this tournament. I think they also post it on facebook and all social media about this.

      • Organic Baby

        cash prize ??
        its sounds good , the amount for the cash prizes hw much ?? if possible i also wana to join and give a try may be if its really giving out an big amount 🙂 ahhahahahahah

      • Winson

        oh really ? wau sounds not bad huh , guess I am going to find out more about this hahaaha , se7en gear sound cool ~

    • Bobby

      its ok la bro. work harder and get the phone la~ or just wait for the price going down again , no free lunch one , must pay the price to get the good one