Apple Unleashes iPhone X, “The Future of Smartphones”

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  1. Filament says:

    Since it’s based on facial features, I wonder whether it’ll unlock when the identical twin is involved. Coz identical twins won’t have identical fingerprints or Iris pattern in their eyes. But facial similarities is highly likely. Would like to set a test on this. For science and technology.

    1. Azriefiq says:

      Twin will need you to have atleast another new person, SS8 facial recognition can be open with picture. lol..

      1. Filament says:

        Why are you even comparing?

  2. Azriefiq says:

    Hollywood movie always have that mask that made by rubber make u look like some1 else.
    Even youtuber can make one too. Will that effect?

    1. user99999 says:

      it was said they work with mask makers to ensure faceid wouldn’t be affected by impersonators wearing mask.

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