MCMC Blocks Entire Steam Store Following God Fighting Game Controversy [Updated With MCMC Statement]

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  1. Monkey D. Luffy says:

    What I cannot play my games. That sucks.

    1. Game-R says:

      Do what everyone does anyway and just Google DNS bypass.

  2. Game-R says:

    Nak undi BN lagi?

  3. Michael Ung Jia Yi says:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlHwVZzQJcA jesus fucking dies lmao

    1. 水晶膠加雙氧水 says:

      It’s okay he comes back in 3 days

  4. Trixie B Lulamoon says:

    real gods wouldnt even be mad because theyre gods. stupid hoomans

  5. Franpa says:

    >tells Valve to geoblock the game from Malaysia.
    >ISP’s DNS block the Steam Store.
    >ISP actions are Valve actions… somehow.
    >Valve is *somehow* responsible for the clumsy handling of the situation that resulted in their Steam Store being completely inaccessible via certain DNS servers.

    Okay, so it is plausable that Valve asked the ISP’s to block the Steam Store as a temporary measure while they figure out a more permanent measure.

  6. jc says:

    Lol the MCMC just pissed off two million steam users LMAO

  7. Amy Kah Hui Quah says:

    stupid people come with stupid solution just region block the game enough already la…….brain full of shit

  8. Amy Kah Hui Quah says:

    just make more ppl know about the game now……stupid

  9. mr dumble says:

    mirul blh je bkak steam dgn Unifi TM. wlpn MCMC dh bloked website steam. mnusia skrg bknnya bodoh. petik jri dh blh bkak website yg kna bloked.