The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Live Focus Feature Could Use Some Tweaking

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  1. GigatonLT5 says:

    How can someone not like more features or options in a device?

    1. kzm says:

      i do like more feature but simple implementation.

  2. FIST says:

    click bait title. more like the camera app that better.

  3. Skywax9016 says:

    Apple is definitely more refined. Android manufacturers and Google should learn a thing or two from them, but try not to be too similar, or they’ll risk getting sued. 😀

  4. JC says:

    It just summarized the thing as below:
    Note 8 Camera UI: more flexibility towards something like DSLR; while
    IP7+ Camera UI: Point & Shoot camera
    simply means the author is a point & shoot camera user.

  5. Terryble says:

    First…the title says “One Simple Reason”~~then u scroll down….and it says….
    “Unnecessarily Complex Operations”
    “Unrefined UI Design”
    “Difference in Philosophies”
    Lastly “ALL IS NOT LOST”????

    Come on…can you even make up your mind? what are u trying to express? can you even count at the first place?

    Please Lowyat team…i don’t mind to click in if that is your purpose….but give us some quality….
    Or is it Apple who sponsored this article and you guys reluctantly write it as u know Note 8 is better?

  6. Mr Tai says:

    nonsense article, since when the lowyat approved such subjective article…. totally misleading

  7. Lim Chee Wooi says:

    Head on over to SoyaCincau for a more unbiased hands-on.


  8. Shahrul Nizam says:

    dunno why a lot people here buthurt when lowyat give their own opinion…

  9. ionStorm says:

    A bit like this article. Long for the sake of being long.

  10. Kenny Liew says:

    rubbish post. reading the first paragraph already knew it’s written from apple fanboy.

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