Local Retailers Begin To Accept Pre-Orders For Radeon RX Vega 64; Price May Be Around RM3,500

AMD Radeon RX Vega 64
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  1. Abu.Salimah says:

    price is noted as subject to change… higher or lower, I wonder…

    1. Skywax9016 says:

      Should be lower, but AMD GPU’s price in Malaysia is somehow inflated, especially with the RX 500 series.

  2. forextor says:

    Gila mahal!… baik tangkap 1080 je camtu!…

  3. David Macdonald Ajang says:

    Fingers crossed for Vega Nano.

  4. T trio says:

    Well.. according to videocardz website, the card will price at least >499 usd. Reference and limited version are even on par in pricing. Guess green team is still the way to go then.

  5. Pie Cy says:

    Better wait for full review first

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