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PicknGo Brings e-hailing To Taxis in Malaysia

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  • YH

    Taxi? No thanks

    • IckyMasala


      • CueX


    • CueX

      why not taxi?

      • YH

        1. Old car 2. Sometimes smelly car 3. Can you assure that they only charge the displayed amount? Malaysia taxi well known with EXTRA CHARGES, a RM20 trip may become RM80 because of the self declared charges, such as jam lah, peak hour la, etc. 4. They are a bunch of gangster that manupulated by crony companies, myself will not use their service. It is your choice to be with them

        • Wan Ishak

          Hope you realise that the smell is actually the remnants of the passengers body odour

          • YH

            Hope you realise that as the driver aka car owner, the cleaniness is under your responsibility, including smell, and do not push it to passangers.

  • Steve Low

    No surge pricing? Good luck getting a taxi during peak hour in KL.

  • user99999

    later deal belakang kira.