Video Shows Over 100 New Features and Changes Coming to iOS 11

Apple has finally taken the wraps off its latest iOS 11 mobile operating system. Announced earlier this week, the Cupertino company talked about some major changes that will come to iOS 11 including a new Siri male voice, a redesigned App Store that is built from ground up, P2P payments for Apple Pay, and such.


But that’s not all, iOS 11 will also come with plenty of new, and updated features to make it “the world’s most advanced mobile operating system”. Check out this video from 9to5Mac demonstrating over 100 changes that are coming to iOS 11.

Some of the more interesting changes that were not mentioned by Apple include the ability to automatically share Wi-Fi passwords to nearby devices, delete rarely-used apps to save space, and tighter controls about apps accessing your location.

It can be a pain to tell people your password for your Wi-Fi, especially if you value your security and you use complicating passwords. On iOS 11, you can easily send your Wi-Fi password to nearby devices with just one tap. When a new iOS 11 device wish to join your Wi-Fi network, the iOS 11 device that is already connected to the network will receive a pop-up saying that the new device is trying to join. Just tap, and you will send the Wi-Fi password OTA to the new device.

Running low on space? iOS 11 lets you offload rarely-used apps to free up space, while retaining the settings and data for the app. This means that the next time you reinstall the app, all your data will still be available and you can continue from where you left off. Previously, when you delete an app, you lose your settings and data for the app.

Finally, one of the most important changes is the ability to stop apps from accessing your location even when you are not using the app. This is great when you are using apps like Uber for example, which forces you to grant “Always” location access in order to use the app. With the update, users can finally restrict location access to “Only While Using the App”.

These updates definitely sound interesting, sadly, not all devices will be able to enjoy it. Older devices such as iPhone 5 will not be able to update to iOS 11. Looking to get a newer iOS devices? Check out the latest 10.5″ iPad Pro, updated 12.9″ iPad Pro, or simply wait for the iPhone 8 launch which is rumoured to be launched later this year.

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