The Mi Exclusive Service Centre in Plaza Low Yat Has Closed Down

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  • kahyeec

    FYI, Miserv in Kuching is closed since 15th May. The staff say they are no longer the appointed service provider for Xiaomi , their contract is not renewed. So close down.

    • Filament

      Oh.. thanks for the info.

    • Ann Zwei

      That was short.

  • Kangkung lover :)

    This could be due to poor sale for the mobile unit,that’s why Xiaomi close down the service centre.
    Well I could be wrong,just my assumption only. 🙂

    • voon

      not poor sales, but everything at the website sold out

      • Ann Zwei

        They only sell in Lazada now.

  • Rizalmie Hisham Abd Rahim

    One advantage of Chinese made phone is that plenty of shop can repair them although the parts may not be an original ones.

  • They are daam busy in India. I think only Chinese phone with manufacturing facilities in India. Malaysia market is peanuts.. So just ignore la

  • Siggivahen Sathivel

    Poor sales …… hardly see anyone owning any of its models and generally poor after sales service support from chinese made phones. I had a huawei honor 3c… phone was decently good but when it came to service for a replacement screen and battery it was a hassle for me to run around kl to look for one…. finally decided to ditch it for an apple. Best after sales service is samsung and apple.

    • Ann Zwei

      Of course, what you pay for is what you get. You are essentially also paying for their after sales service for Samsung and Apple hence the high prices.

  • Shyuan

    Maybe they want to bring the Mi Premium Reseller Store to KL, thus the closure of this service centre?

  • YH

    Limited choice + ship only low spec + outdated models, what competitive power you have in this country? Yeah Malaysia market is a peanut to Xiaomi, even those local online stores have much more choices and competitive price