Ransomware Attack Cripples Over 75,000 Systems Worldwide; Conflicting Reports On Malaysia

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  • Abu.Salimah

    Some of the ATM machines here are still using Win XP (caught some that were in a state of “error” showing the win XP familiar screen). Wonder if these could be infected as well… I mean, it is said that they encrypt MS-Office files… so, I’m not sure if the ATMs would be affected.

    • Zaryl Masters

      these important devices should have upgraded to Windows 10 Pero long time ago, instead of using kuno OS. pandan muka.

      • h_1995

        kiosk pakai embedded hardware, naik pegi windows 10 == slow

    • Ethanix

      some xp based machines in Taiwan had infected. even the maimai arcade machine

  • forextor

    Lol Russia… Malaysian one very smart one… never got virus one..

    • Ethanix

      maybe there internet speed fast, here cannot tahan lo

  • kzm

    This the main reason why we must make sure our OS is up to date…

    • cutesniper22

      people in Malaysia are still close-minded. We always think that “Update will cause my pirate windows become not genuine, better not to do so…” HAHA~

  • Aj

    Hey there. Just want clarification from you guys. Can you explain broadly on $300 in bitcoin? Is it they’ve to pay 300 bucks in bitcoin cryptocurrency or 300bitcoin? Got confused on this matter since I’ve heard some people say they’ve to pay 300btc to decrypt their file. Tq.

    • I think it’s $300 worth of bitcoins.

  • user99999