Nvidia Announces Volta, Along With Its Supercomputers

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  • ZeroHunter

    That price XD

    • Abu.Salimah

      don’t worry (yet), these are the professional products, for enterprise customers’ needs. for us consumers looking for the next gaming machine, it’s gonna be different.
      that said, would love to see a comparison between Vega. iirc, Vega is said to have 12 TFlops – but at what die-size? will it be a return to the HD48xx era or what…
      this is what i could google on Vega rumoured spec:

      4 shader engines
      4096 stream processors (based on GCN)
      64 render output units
      256 texture mapping units
      8 hardware threads
      8 GB High Bandwidth Memory 2 (HBM 2) with a 2,048-bit interface
      12.5 TFLOPS of performance

  • Asijupon

    Can it play minecraft?

  • the underfaker

    but can it play minesweeper with 4kuhd?