Microsoft Surface Laptop Hands On: Setting The Standard Once Again

Microsoft Surface Laptop

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  • You iz lucky bugger.

  • I also hatechu

  • Hence angry reaction given…

  • Ahmad Afiq

    The keyboard, is it Super Ring resistant?

    • I wouldn’t test it with Super Ring myself, lol

      • salimbest83

        i take it as a NO

        • If i paid that much, i would certainly try to take care of it as best as I could, lol.

  • Filament

    No type c really Microsoft?

    • Sim Gennie

      Terry explained why. Type C is too fragmented and cables have different power standard. It hurts MS’s brand if the charging is too slow MS was this fragmentation resolved. Go Windows Power User to read the explanation by Terry.

      • Filament

        Yes I’ve read that explanation. But Microsoft with all the money and power they have, should at least try to solve that problem instead of avoiding it altogether. If Apple can do it (putting type c on their computer), why can’t they? If Moto, Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, OnePlus, Nintendo, HP, Asus, Xiaomi, Western Digital and others can put type c on their devices, why can’t they? More devices using type C, the faster the transition can be made. Regarding the multiple standard of cables and ports, then find a solution for it.

        • awg

          than u will complain when their extra effort to standardised the port spec with the other players is charged down to the consumer making the already expensive laptop even more RM

          • Filament

            Nope I’ll not complain about that coz that measure is highly needed. Plus, whatever the cost needed shouldn’t be on the Microsoft’s shoulder alone. Together with USB-IF and other hardware manufacturers, they should find a solution.

      • Arvin

        the reasoning if not good enough

    • KITT

      u want type c? wait window 10 on Snapdragon

  • KIMI

    For the price we need to pay, I’m disappointed.

    4gb ram for base model (1000$ ffs). Sheesh MS get to the time unless you want to become tbe next Apple.

  • Sim Gennie

    are you aware that your article is not showing. Only the title and the pix are showing. You reformatted your page and link your article to outbrain/taboolaa sort of content link? I have those junks blocked on my Adblock. Your articles disappear like last week. Just FYI

    • Sim Gennie

      okay. its not adblock. its Microsoft Edge. I can view the article on Internet Explorer 11

      • According to our observations, that behavior is usually associated with ad-blocking programs.

  • Sim Gennie

    Hi Syefri, how was the LCD touch response time like? We know MS has the technology to enable real time touch. Some LCD, when you write on it, you see lag. MS years ago ULed a video showing zero lag. Panay during the launch of SL said there is no lag. Can you confirm this?

    • In the Paint 3D i used for sample above, yup, there is generally no noticeable lag but I wouldn’t take that as final verdict though until I can try further with 1-2 more apps/programs or if we receive review sample, I would ask someone that can actually draw (I can’t draw to save my life!) to provide more accurate feedback.