Nvidia May Unveil GTX 20-Series Graphics Cards In Q3 2017

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  • jasmeet

    I bet it gonna be called 11-series

  • Dark_Knight

    Here`s hoping that the volta based 2060 , can achieve 1440p 60fps

    • Skywax9016

      Now also can, but with tweaked settings.

  • FIST

    homaigawd, when the bombardment from nvidia would stop..??

  • xentra

    Amd will suffer another year
    While vega comfirmed at best case scenario match with 1080ti only….

    • azam3d

      You do realize that is the large market, don’t you?

      • xentra

        …. you just starting read Tech news this year? Tell me how “Large Market” benefit AMD CPU business. Its clear now NVIDIA just worked like Intel in CPU market.

        • azam3d

          This is about graphic card, not CPU market. Your first comment also about graphic. How come suddenly the topic changed to CPU?

          I don’t have to answer you question because it seems you don’t have the ability to differentiate CPU and graphic card.

          • xentra

            Just answer how “Large Market” benefit AMD CPU Business. How “Large Market” benefit Proton. If you answer, you will realize you totally wrong for what you reply. “Large Market” COULD NOT HELP AMD GPU Business. You can just trolling i cant differentiate GPU,CPU, in facts your reply is just too naive.

  • Kreiss Rollace Weissmen

    Lower the prices and the GreenTeam will definitely take over the market.