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Astro quietly rolls out EPG based advertising, customers not impressed

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  • Kenneth Tan

    Damn monopoly

    • Kok Fu Sheng

      need someone to crash this company down

      • Big Guy


        • Edward Chong

          Tyler Durden, or. Mr. Robot.

  • FIST

    damn annoying

  • Dave Chen Chan Wei

    Astro encouraging people to use IPTV on the market 🙂

  • Mohammad Hafiz Abdul Rahim

    im still on old analog astro box. no epg add so far. the only reason im still subscribing is my mom wants to watch tv & Njoi got no astro ria

    • DuckLim


  • Sy Isma

    u ingat diorang peduli??

  • Zul Adlee

    When you pay premium price for already a sub par service, you expect to not see ads like that

  • gugugaga

    u guys tok kok sing song complaint this and that but end up every month still pay to that fu**er.
    u think they give a F?

  • Harold ysc

    Still using this crap services in 2017?

  • InterwebsCat

    What a bunch of imbeciles, just stop your service with Astro. Since they monopoly the local paid content service, just stop and switch to iFlix or Netflix. Hurt them in their pockets. But you can’t cuz you’re bunch of pansies that SHOULD be bullied around, as a cat I like it. You deserve what you get muahaha.

    • awg

      somebody here can’t live without football..prftt (that’s why still living on with astro..prftt)

  • Mohd Hazim

    only idiots stay with Astro, we all know they repeat same shit, just different day. it’s 2017, you’re all using the net, everything is available here, i have no problem just living on Kodi and the free given HyppTV..

    • MoogleStiltzkin

      strongly agreed. a lot of people have moved to kodi usually via something like a himedia device or similar which is capable of using kodi as well as other digital formats for on demand play.

      it’s even possible to use kodi addon for netflix and crunchyroll. also people can rip their original cd collection using something like makemkv to then store their collection on home NAS and stream to their HDTV via kodi for directplay as well.

      i don’t really watch sports but i’m sure there must be a solution for that too using kodi with some googling :X

      • Kong King

        Streaming Sports using KODI is so unreliable, hence most of us sports lover stuck with Astro. While pussies and nerds like u guys no problem using KODI. Exodus being consistent this few month.

    • Kong King

      U poor u dont afford both u shut up. I just want to watch football without hiccup. I use KODI too but too much hassle and need regular update. I can do that but i got extra money so am i an idiot because i got lots of money? Stupid.

      • Mohd Hazim

        congratulations 🙂 good job, well done, im impressed. much wow.

        • Kong King

          Thanks. I feed both Astro and TM because I afford it. While u feed only TM or TIME monopoly. I dont know. Not much differences. Clever boy.

      • Chip

        And that’s why we stuck with Astro monopoly, ladies and gentlemen. *clap*clap*.

        • Kong King

          Not gonna fight for poors. Pay mostly for their football monopoly, cant do shit about it. And no, not gonna fight for u.

          • Mohd Hazim

            Lol I’m sorry if I have triggered you or offended you in anyway, I was just simply pointing out that one shouldn’t always rely on an unreliable service. My parents too, have been using Astro and have had bad experience with it. e.g Overcharging, Signal Loss etc. We’re too driven to their marketing and their services because they’re the only once controlling the market. You can agree or be butthurt all you want, but sorry my opinion is not in line with yours.

  • Choong Kon Keong

    When you pay monies, you should have ad free services

  • Uoou

    never support this kind of company, pay for the services but still give all this shit ads.

    • Kong King =(

      • Janson

        Football no problem la… Whenever a football match is on, just google search “who v who livestream” The first google result from totalsportek will enable you to watch the match. If you are using any devices powered by Android lagi cun. Search for Mobdro apk and install it. You will find some interesting sport channels in its sports category. Try out Modro guys and

        boycott Astro =P

        • Kong King

          Thats how u get all the viruses and worms. Summore hard to find HD streams..

          • Janson

            Your first sentence is freaking hilarious, don’t make assumptions before trying it. Yup there is HD streams in totalsportek but Mobdro is far more simple as if just choose the right sport channel and watch. There is Premier League as well this coming weekend, do yourself a favor and try out 1st… I don’t expect speedy response, just an accurate one ^.^

  • Chip

    I thought paid TV cannot have ads? Somebody need to take their asses to court.

    Thinking about getting Astro IPTV, but still got ads, so nope.

  • Filament

    You want to shove the ads up our s? Then lower the prices.

  • awg astro, no problem..blood sucking company

  • Kevin Koay

    Very soon Astro will say, you have to pay extra charges to remove ads, sudah jadi macam app store la..

  • farhan esa

    Reported this astro ads to skmm last week, and earlier today astro guy call me said they will remove the ads. Now no more ads. Thanks to skmm for fast action. ??
    P/s : for those who still getting the ads bar, suggest to report to skmm.