Heroes Arena MOBA Arrives On Android And iOS

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  1. user99999 says:

    too many of similar genre. oversupply. T_T

    1. Kenneth Tan says:

      Even worse, those games have similar map skin as LoL. C’mon
      (At least, Vainglory is the only MOBA which looks more original)

      1. Gey Fagort says:

        In my opinion, the only mobile moba worth playing is Vainglory. Best mobile controls unlike those joystick nonsense. Good customer service Excellent graphics. 11/10 wouldn’t play again, too addictive would lose self control.

  2. blurman2000 says:

    I would like to share my experience and opinion about this article.

    Yeah there’s many similar genre, same types of elements used and characters.
    But if you like the game, go for it.

    However, I just wanna give you a warning.
    It’s not about the game.
    It’s about the company involved in the game, uCool.

    If you don’t know, uCool came out with a game called Heroes Charge and it became an instant hit.
    But it all came crashing down because they stupidly stole the game code from another game called DoTArena.
    The lawsuit is still going on and not settled yet till today.

    Ever since that lawsuit surfaced, the following events happened, in no particular order:
    – updates tremendously slowed down
    – barely to no new content for months
    – no hero balancing
    – no testing of patches and instead, releasing them where players exploited the bugs
    – customer support and developers do not work together, heck the developers don’t even know the features of the game making it hard for players to provide feedback
    – released events which required players to spend outrages amounts which isn’t worth it but supposedly upgrades the hero (e.g. USD 999.00 for a custom character skin which increases stats by 1%, yes the price and percentage increase is no joke!)
    – and too much more negativity to post here…

    So I would advice you people to stay away from this game company and any games it comes out with.
    I really hope I can be proven wrong one day…

    Thanks for reading it you made it this far…

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