Nintendo Switch Review: Surprisingly Great Execution Hampered by Dearth of Games

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  • chtan

    Lack of game? Not quite so. I have Zelda BOTW, Bomberman R, Garious Explosion Machine, Binding of Isaac, Lego City Undercover, Wonder Boy Dragon’s Trap, FastRMX, I am Setsuna and 12Switch.
    9 in total and with Ultra Street Fighters, Puyo Puyo Tetris and Mario Kart 8 coming next week. It indeed has a lot of games available. Not counting others that not interest me.
    Really enjoy the console especially the new Zelda.

    • Ah Hann

      I think the review is done during first week of Nintendo Switch launch, just the editor forgot about it and only publish it by today hahaha ….

      • chtan

        Possible. But then they should change the review accordingly then.

        • blackout

          what do you expect from them? they didn’t even want to fix the spelling mistakes

  • Choong Kon Keong

    How much is the cost for each game and how the storage works?

    • chtan

      3A title normally cost around USD59.99. Local shop sell around RM250~RM275. There are also many Indie title cost around USD10~USD20. Since there is no region lock like previous device, you can purchase / download game from US eShop. Malaysia CC works.

      If you planned to download game a lot from eShop best is obtain a 128GB mSD card. The machine will automatically detect and download the game onto it.

  • Motoyama

    The games availability are a bit better, but mostly indie games already available elsewhere. I think they will solve the software issue in maybe 2 years time. The greatest problem with the Switch is currently it is massively OVERPRICED. The console is overpriced, the joyconns are overpriced, the extra docks are massively overpriced, the gamepad pros are overpriced (around RM 450….imagine,more than twice the price of a PS4 Pro controller and the previous WiiU controllers only cost RM 270 or so brand new.) and the games, for what it is also overpriced. Games for portable medium should be cheaper. Given that SWITCH is not capable of photo realistic graphics, there’s no reason to charge so high for simple looking games. 3DS games is a lot cheaper by comparison. Currently the SWITCH only sells to hardcore gamers and fans, once the initial early adopters and hardcore fans-base has bought it, they will have a hard time convincing the mass consumer market to buy one, if they don’t do something about that ridiculous price.