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U Mobile, Maxis, Digi and Celcom Unveils Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Bundles, Available for Preorder Now

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  • salimbest83

    not bad at all

  • Raleigh Koh

    What about Yes 4G? I think they also offer S8 & S8+ pre-orders

    • jaynce twj

      For me i prefer telco C as their connectivity is good and their coverage is kinda good. It depends on ur budget la because every telco wil have their own pros and cons.

  • FIST

    Are the prices for s8 and s8+ for celcom gold package correct? Only RM 20 difference

    • C.C. Tan

      Think they should swap the price between platinum and gold plus for s8?

      • Huei Song

        So sorry about that! Yes, I put the prices in the wrong column. Just fixed it, thanks for informing!

  • Sky Hew

    Price display not included GST (at lease for Maxis, which I have to top up 6% on it). 🙁

  • chtan

    Already pre-ordered my from SenQ. S8+ to replace my current 4+months Asus Zenfone3 Ultra.

    • MT

      Me too. First 100 customer are also invited for a special launch on 4th May, there is extra freebies from Senq as well (not sure what is it). Hopefully we are one of them 😉

      • chtan

        Didn’t aware of the extra freebies from SenQ. Can you point me to the detail? Thanks.

        • MT

          Is in the Terms & Condition page, Line No.3. But you have to select “Pick Option” from ioi mall in order to be eligible

          • chtan

            IC, thanks. Guess I won’t be getting the freebies in this case cause I am selecting the delivery option.

  • jaynce twj

    I was wondering which smartphone to buy as mine one is already outdated and super lagggg. Anyone good suggestion ? i am facing dilemma in choosing smartphone that has quality.

    • Kathy

      I will recommend S8 since this is the latest phone from Samsung and should have much more advanced technology then how iPhone 7 is. However, the price is quite high rite now also.

      • Sammy Izabella

        iPhone expensive + many restriction… Prefer S8, but it’s expensive too. Lol.
        Still stick back to my old S6

    • jiaqianwong

      It depends on the ability of your financial, their price are almost the same, just samsung S8 is latest than iphone 7, samsung S8 has added in the latest facial recognition feature.

      • jaynce twj

        Samsung S8 is available in many colour and its is quite attractive as samsung use the latest technology. No worries about the price as there are many telco offer good promotion.

  • Kassie Lim

    Hmm do anyone knows if there are any stores provide installment plan for S8 with zero or low interest rate?

    • jiaqianwong

      i know that recently there are a lot of telco provide promotion, there is called easyphone plan, it enables existing celcom users who used 12 months and above to pay by installment.

      • JaneAusten

        Yes, I know abt that easyphone plan also, but I don’t think this plan do worth its price…

        • FinneganLouis

          My opinion is dif from urs. I believe that buying a phone with installment plan is better since u won’t need to pay such a huge amount of money altgt in a time.

        • FinneganLouis

          And tbh, I believe 145 per month is highly affordable to buy a brand new S8 as I did do research and found out most of the places are offering price even higher than this.

      • JaneAusten

        Because u will have to pay RM145 per month for the cost of S8, and u still have to pay an additional cost of at least RM98 for the data plan per month, not including cost for device protection also!