U Mobile’s Latest Plans Offers Unlimited Calls, App Onz, Music Onz and More From RM38 a Month

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  • So far the most affordable Telco and very transparent on pricing. I am with digi .. wanted to apply data line. Need to pay RM10 for activate the data line per month on top of that need to pay RM10 for each data line. Go uMobile .. let other telco run for their money.

  • kerjaseni

    still the most affordable. i just wish that they will also keep up on the infra side. no point having the cheapest when they can’t provide good coverage.

    • Sam

      infrastructure takes time. give them some chance

  • zzzxtreme

    P38 has no video onz?

  • Dani Selamat

    Still hoping for umobile to go unlimited like digi

  • Syukri Lajin

    App onz is the real deal. Instagram consumes more data than almost everything else. Around 4-5gb a month for me. That is just for scrolling around, not for doing any livestream or much uploads. App onz saved soo much data for actual use. Damn. How are umobile surviving? They make everyone else look crazy expensive lol

  • Azriefiq

    seeing this as a guy bought p70 for it’s unlimited call; hurts so much…..
    that accept downgrade of plan?