Sony Xperia XZs Review: One-Trick Pony

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  • Mohammad Hafiz Abdul Rahim

    I noticed that Sony still make a flagship with 5.0-5.2 inch screen size. Even Apple now release larger version with 5.5 inch. Nowadays 5.5 inch is pretty standard. maybe the Japanese like smaller screen but im sure the rest of the world prefer large screen. Even S8 starts with 5.8

    • Rocroyoshi Hashiba

      Sony Xperia XZ Premium has 5.5 inch screen size

  • chtan

    Nice and fun slow-mo video but already pre-ordered my S8+. Will pass on this one.

  • ZeroHunter

    2k battery? even my T2 ultra last longer than this when playing games and its older model and bigger screen.

  • eclectice

    The rapidKL bus looks distorted in the picture, is it because of the lens?

    • Apple Fanboy

      i think bcoz of its 25mm lens

  • Duke Wes

    hey andrew u play Hearthstone as well? cool!

    • Andrew Cheng

      We certainly do! The Un’Goro expansion definitely got us busy this whole week. 🙂