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AMD Ryzen 7 1800X Review: Flagship Performance at Half the Price

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  • user99999

    so is i7-7700 much preferable vs ryzen 7 1800x?

    • Skywax9016

      Yes and No

    • Abu.Salimah

      for now, at least, in terms of gaming that seems to be the case. we don’t know, maybe in the next 6 months AMD, OEM and developers will be able to reach full optimization for the platform.

    • AL

      Emm Depends on usage.. If use only for gaming go I7-7700.. but if for content Creation go Ryzen 7 1800X

      me personally i go Ryzen 7 1800X.. i bet the future is not Single Core or 1080 resolution haha

  • AL

    As all new Architecture.. it need time to mature. Busy months to come for AMD. Optimization Fix etc etc.. Maybe in Six months from now all the Benchmark number will change again.

    • MoogleStiltzkin

      hoping that the optimizations will improve the 1080p gaming results, thats why i’m refraining from judging right now on launch. 1440p and + probably non issue, but lots of people are gaming on 1080p lcds still :/

      • AL

        From benchmark i see all 1080 gaming go beyond 100 FPS =) Still good.. even more if you only have those 60hz monitor haha. No point having 200 FPS on a 60hz monitor =P. Only matter if u have that 144hz Freesync or Gsync monitor =P

  • Choong Kon Keong

    Even at the half of the price of Intel, i still can’t afford it!

    • AL

      I know right haha.. how i wish our currency in much better shape. It use to be 2.60 per USD 20 years ago sigh*

      • LOL BRO

        yeah and 20 years ago we didn’t even mention i7, overclock, bla..bla..bla..
        just work harder so u can afford it

  • tcmean

    How many are buying and expecting it to be optimized down the road?