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iPhone 6 with 32GB Storage Lands in Malaysia for RM1,999

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  • Abu.Salimah

    serious question here, did they resolve the bending issue?
    also, some of my iPhone 6 user friends suffered from non-responding touch screens (one of them even had to switch to android). is still prevalent with later issue/batch?

    • Vyseus

      unlikely, most of them actually refurbished probably. Because, seriously? 2014 Iphone?

  • FIST

    wow, malaysia new iphone dumping site

  • MRS

    tomorrow, iphone 3gs 1000gb

    • Kong King

      Oh lagdroid user, over exaggerate as usual. Hence 6GB ram still lag.

      • Eric Ong

        and here comes the usual jealousy from iJunks fanboy with their outdated overpriced craps.

        • Kong King

          Ok. 6GB still lag tho. Normal symptom of small kok need something big to compensate.

          • Eric Ong

            how long have been ever since u last tested or used an Android phone? i migrated from Samsung to OnePlus recently, and no noticeable lag at all. and please dont be like “iPhone has zero lag”, that is totally a naive claim.

          • Kong King

            Using Note 5, OP3T, and iPhone SE right now. All of them is a damn good phone. Problem?

          • Eric Ong

            problems lies within the user’s mindset, not the phones, phones are innocent.

          • Kong King

            Then I only hates the kind of over exaggeration just like MRS comment. Why are u here then? Shooh shooh..

          • Eric Ong

            its true to certain extent. selling outdated crap with high price. but well, who am i to judge? its been outdated ever since. pray to God u gonna get your fast charging in the next iPhone.

          • Kong King

            The only thing i pray for is wireless charging, and maybe dual sim?. But usually when whatever Apple did, it will become famous and there will be more accessories in the market.

          • Eric Ong

            the only trend apple started was touchscreen with the first iphone 10 years. the rest are just recycling old specs from Android phones. try to analyze each and every iOS update and compare it with Android update’s change log. since u have both iOS and Android devices, its easier for u to compare. eventually u will have wireless charging or dual sim, but we better leave that for iPhone 10 or 11, with a pinch of salt.

  • seancorr

    iPhone 6 user here with a non responsive Touch ID waiting for this year’s iPhone Edition. I seriously wonder will anyone want to purchase a 2014 model today in 2017?

  • Ikd DKi

    Congrats if they can sell a 2014 model at 2017. They completely ignored the existence of S.E.?

  • Mephisto Cok1

    RM1999 can get you a very good Android phone with 2017 spec. Who in right mind would spend it on a 2014 phone? Is just overprice :/

  • FarFairy

    Just came here becuz I want to see the angry comments.

  • disqus_Om39rakc4y

    they learning from xia mi is it? dump old stock