What Are The Benefits Of A Gaming Monitor?

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  • Zaryl Masters

    never game in low light conditions or in darkness while having the monitor as the only source of illumination. that spells for eyesight problems later on.
    recommended to have a simple backlighting, say a light source from your study lamp or maybe turning on the lights across the room. Must have some lighting to ease your eyes!

    • hennwei

      any articles or studies that support this?

  • Big Guy

    I understand this article is sponsored, but I disagree that response time is the same as input lag. Input lag is mainly determined by the signal processing of the monitor. Response time affects motion blurring and ghosting more than it affects input lag. TFT Central explains this better than I can.

    Also, the last three benefits mentioned in this article aren’t exclusive to gaming monitors only. Honestly, gaming monitors are only good for fast paced games like FPS (CS:GO, Quake, UT) and possibly racing games. Not to mention that you have to play the panel lottery for certain types of monitors/brands.

  • Skywax9016

    Good article, but gaming monitors usually aren’t very focused on proper color reproduction. But, nice article none the less. How about ports? Is there any different between the ports offered by the gaming monitor and a regular one? 🙂

  • Ricky Law

    Please correct the statement of input lag and response time. Both are two different things.

  • Zephire

    I stopped reading when the author doesn’t know the difference of input lag and response time.