HTC U Ultra & U Play Land in Malaysia for RM2,999 & RM1,899 Respectively

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  1. Abu.Salimah says:

    what is it with HTC and mediocre battery… many of the phones are equipped with low battery life. take the U play, for example. Other phones come with 3Ah batteries for screens of 5 – 5.2 inches, some with very efficient SOC (SD625, for example). I fear the U play will require 2-3x charging per day.

    1. Kenneth Tan says:

      Yes, definitely. Helio P10 is outdated at this price range.

  2. noos says:

    The price with those spec……
    It’s too early for April fool yo……

  3. Choong Kon Keong says:

    U Play at that price, Xiaomi RN3SD will eat you for breakfast!

  4. CY says:

    Honestly… HTC better just stick back and be an OEM only factory will be better…. Their R&D and marketing have no idea what ppl like about their device… Instead of innovating and improving on the strength they ditch it away and start fresh each time.

    Initially the widely praise Boom Sound from m7 was gone, then they were the first to do dual lens on m8 then drop it too, and both of this feature has been take over by other China brands such as Huawei and Axon and become quite successful.
    Instead our smart HTC went and do away their headphone jack, and now they want a second display like V20.
    I guess there won’t be any much years left in their smartphone…. I use to like HTC and owned several of their phone but now….

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