U Mobile Introduces New Unlimited Power Prepaid with Free Calls, Unlimited Data for Facebook, and More

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  • zzzxtreme

    Wow u28 keeps getting better and better

    • karwaidotnet

      might as well just give us unlimited data….lol

      • zzzxtreme

        i pay RM30 for U28

        3gb data
        3gb video
        free spotify
        free waze
        free facebook
        free instagram
        50 minutes voice call*
        100 sms*
        2am-8am free youtube
        no restrictions on tethering

        umobile is going nuts !

        (*I think)

        • salimbest83

          thats really hngh as both cutie above

          • karwaidotnet

            one is plastic though, i.e. fake.
            google jenna chew. you’re welcome

          • Abebil

            Jenna chew plastic? WutFace.
            Who is the right side one?

        • Bender Rodriguez™

          2-8am free youtube? I thought its been replaced with Video Onz ?

          • zzzxtreme

            it’s not replaced apparently. if watch youtube outside 2am-10am(or 8am not sure), it will use your video onz data. if within 2am-10am, free. video onz covers more streaming service, but 2am-10am is only for youtube,kkbox,era, hitzfm, myfm, tonton. crazy right?

  • Choong Kon Keong

    How much is the commitment?

  • seancorr

    The one in black draw me to this article lol

    • salimbest83

      thats tzia