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Digi Banking On 900MHz Spectrum To Improve Indoor Coverage

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  • Madhavan Nair

    The date is already mentioned in the slides… so the best is Q2 at most…

  • luqman_98

    will digi use the 900mhz spectrum for lte only?

    • ionStorm

      I’d say that’s highly likely. It would not make sense to put more money into aging technology.

  • Dark_Knight

    Voice-over-WiFi , let me guess it will either be for Iphone or Samsung Note and Galaxy Series and nothing else

    • Sam Ting Wong

      That depends on the phone manufacturers themselves like Huawei, Asus, Xiaomi, Sony etc whether to support VoWiFi on their phone.

  • mohd musa

    if u ever been to JPO (johor premium outlet), u will find the digi coverage really sux big time, despite it’s an open outlet. on digi website coverage map, JPO shows got 4g coverage, but the speed is really useless. u will be getting around 20kbps only (speedtest result). even receiving & replying whatsapp text need to wait awhile. i’ve been to JPO every month and the speed is sux every time i’m there. digi, if u read this, please improve coverage & speed big time at JPO please.

    • YH

      Up for you, not only Digi but Maxis and Celcom having the same experience (my shop assistants having all 3 telco lines) You need to walk till the glass door in order to get the signal!