Prepaid Telco Comparison: All-New Xpax Vs. Hotlink Fast, Digi Live Prepaid and U Mobile Power Prepaid

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  1. Abu.Salimah says:

    any telco offering yearly data plan? tune talk used to offer RM 288 for 36 gig – 1 yr validity but now i cannot see this option anymore.

    1. lj0000 says:

      yes there is.. xox 3gb for 1 year

    2. Zen K says:

      the last known was Hotlink Tablet (discontinued for new registration). This plan offered 2gb with 365 days validity for RM45, and I’m still using it now

  2. EH says:

    Seriously??? 10GB @ 64kbps. I would rather hang myself…

  3. Kenneth Tan says:

    Celcom Xpax 10GB Basic Internet is a joke. As a Digi Best prepaid user, I never exceed the quote of 500MB basic internet every month. Do you know why? 64kbps locked speed can’t let me browse some website. They think we use WAP? 64kbps is not enough for nowadays. C’mon!

    This marketing strategy from those companies can fool people who always think “bigger is better”. But for me, 64kbps? No please. (Remind of this article https://www.lowyat.net/2013/14007/living-on-a-64kbps-connection-a-review-of-the-new-hotlink-prepaid-plan/)

    The good thing, the game is getting more competitive. Many companies added high speed quote (4G LTE) for their prepaid pack. Like Digi Best Prepaid’s 3GB music streaming or U Mobile Power’s 1GB high speed. Well, those free data can really bring benefit to data-hungry users which is good.

    1. Kenneth Tan says:

      By the way, “sponsored by some company” thing is no fair and ruins the meanings of “comparison”

    2. Duck Knight says:

      These whole new thing also introduces false advertising. Look at RedOne, they advertised 20GB of Internet but only 4GB of high speed data smh

    3. Filament says:

      btw quota and quote is different ya.

    4. Daniel r says:

      every telco also almost the same..cuz they not for charity, there is a business

  4. Amarto Pramanik says:

    There’s totally no bias in this “comparison” at all.

    What a bullshit article, Lowyat.

    1. Choong Kon Keong says:

      You said”there’s totally no bias” then” what a bullshit article”? You smoke weed?

      1. Amarto Pramanik says:

        Which is why I put “comparison” in quotes. It’s to indicate sarcasm. Perhaps you’ll understand it once you have a better grasp of the English language.

        1. Vincent Lee says:

          u r right! Choong Kon Keong is not good in English at all… common for many Malaysian… they think they ar multi lingua but end up half boiled water.

      2. Vincent Lee says:

        u dont know English at all.. talk abt sarcasm

    2. Luqman Yumi says:

      What do you expect from sponsored article?

    3. Pang Tun Yau says:

      Thanks for the concern. Allow me to explain how our company deals with sponsored content. Please note that “sponsored content” and “advertorials” are polar opposites even though both involve a third party investing a certain amount for a deliverable product (in this case, an article).

      We strongly believe that sponsored content produced by Lowyat.NET should remain fair and neutral, and not misguide the reader into false conclusions. We discuss back and forth with the client over what can and cannot be included in the article on the above criteria. This simply does not happen in advertorials, which I must add that our publication strictly do not practice.

      Everything you see in this article – especially the comparison tables – is factually correct.

      So in future when you do see a comparison article sponsored by a client or brand, please understand that we go to great lengths to ensure that they are produced to be neutral and fair – because we’d want to know that for ourselves too!

  5. eclectice says:

    I like what Lowyat is doing so that I can revisit these articles for future reference as these packages keep changing all the time and they may no longer appear on the official telco websites. Hopefully, Lowyat can be less biased towards certain telcos and be fair in reporting.

  6. Invalid says:

    “No Quota Splits for Internet Plan” = 10GB Basic Internet and 10GB Facebook Internet. LOL


    1. Skywax9016 says:

      That is not internet plan. That is what you get when you topup.

      1. Invalid says:

        If 10 + 10 is not the plan. So enlighten me, which plan the quota refer?

        1. Luqman Yumi says:

          the quota split doesnt refer to any internet plan. It refer to the basic internet that you got when you reload your number. similar to umobile 2gb basic + 1gb high speed internet. Technically, celcom doesn’t #kelentong when they said the no quota split since they give 10gb to use on anything and another 10gb high speed to use on facebook.
          But yeah, the quota splitting do occurred, just different compare to other telcos.

          1. Invalid says:

            There, you said it..”the quota splitting do occurred, just different compare to other telcos”. So it confused consumer. Doesn’t matter it differ from others or not.


            64kbps for basic internet is not acceptable. At least, give it 512kbps.

        2. Skywax9016 says:

          The internet plan is like the RM30 for 5GB and RM50 for 10GB per month. Those 5 and 10 GBs of quota is for you to use for anything, anytime. When you topup for RM30 for example, you get a free 10GB basic internet that you can use without subscribing to any internet plan (such as the RM30 and RM50 per month). You also get 10GB of high-speed internet for Facebook after you topup for free.

          But I’m not 100% sure on how much you need to topup to be eligible for the 10GB free Basic Internet and 10GB free Facebook Internet.

  7. Ridz.One says:

    This comparison is sponsored comparison…ahahaha

  8. Hazwan says:

    U Mobile is the most generous however its coverage and speed is not so top notch… Much of other telco really kedekut Data… U Mobile really walk the talk by having tagline data Loves U… But please make it faster and has wider coverage area.

  9. Damien Lim says:

    i like how it ended with “Disclosure: This article was sponsored by Celcom.”

  10. Zen K says:

    Internet usage are subjective. So called #NoKelentong plan by Celcom might look pretty much straight forward, but what about people like me who requires data heavily for streaming tv channels like Astro-On-The-Go? For sure Digi Live suits me best. Digi got a specific monthly plan for unlimited (with FUP quota 30gb) video & music freedom streaming, priced at only RM28/mth. In addition they have 8gb extra streaming quota per month for life (splitted to 2gb per week, suppose to be allocated 1gb for music & 1gb for video but actually it is combined!), so in total I have 38gb/mth which surely more than enough. And I don’t think any other plan from other telco have such specific plan, with that amount of quota with such price yet.

  11. Nadjwa Shukri says:

    #NoKelentong my ass

  12. salimbest83 says:

    Digi best is the best for FB usage.
    its really high speed and u dont even need to buy any add on to enjoy free high speed FB and videos

    1. killcell says:

      Are you sure? but my friends are complaining their speed…
      quite slow this few months

      1. benjoo says:

        line very slow..always loading and can’t online..really hard to find good spot even just want reply whatsapp at my area.. 🙁

      2. salimbest83 says:

        depend on places.
        my place at penang really good.
        for just Rm8 starter pack i can use for a month free fb, whatsapp and extra 1gb data


        1. Daniel r says:

          they sudden deduct credit always…reload more and lost more…waste money
          I use xpax edi few years also not much of problem, can get 20gb for free also

          1. salimbest83 says:

            haha.. still got the RM5 inside didnt use ( included in sim price ) since 3 week ago. dont see any occasion that it will deduct money suddenly

        2. mas meriyah says:

          Kl area this telco so bad coverage..need to find the good spot just to find even 1bar line.telco C stiill the best.

    2. edamoon says:

      i choose hotlink plan..price not too different with other plan.coverage still the best!!

      1. Daniel r says:

        I think not worth for it, ur 8gb only can use for weekend
        but for me xpax is more better, it will addition 50% for their users below 25 years old

      2. salimbest83 says:

        already tried.. too stingy on basic social usage

    3. benjoo says:

      hahah! telco M always offer somthing with hidden things.many hidden charges also.i will not choose this plan.

  13. mas meriyah says:

    interested with telco C promo since i use it for long time..this promotion until when?? any expired date??

    1. killcell says:

      you means postpaid change to prepaid?
      I think you just go for 7 eleven then you can get it

    2. benjoo says:

      but other telco give unlimited calls.. i think this telco not provide unlimited calls.

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