All Online Sellers Must Register With SSM

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  1. Ikd DKi says:

    Mudah is going down.
    Garage sales maybe not.
    Arrange a cod and if buyer is gov. spy,
    that person id will be made public in

    1. Wlkl says:

      good one…

      1. Paul Si says:

        A wonderful opportunity. Start up DERMA.MY
        No selling just donation of goods, in exchange for donation, cash accepted.

  2. Paklan says:

    So bangsat!

  3. MABA says:

    “If the item is not sold within 30 days, the seller will have to apply again for another 30 days period.” ….
    Apakah ketahian ini?

  4. Arelanz Leon says:

    Nak kutip $$$ penuhkan tabung la ni..

  5. InfoO2 says:

    The cost of register?

  6. Skywax9016 says:

    Does this apply to too? Or must it be a certain number of products on sale minimum that qualifies it as needed to be registered?

  7. aKiSera says:

    it looks like almost all internet activity will have to be registered with the government?
    fucking stupid, want more money from rakyat

  8. isketambola says:

    kalau takut org tipu..baik gomen buat jer portal utk jual brg..portal ala2

    1. Ikd DKi says:

      they scared repeat of lowyat 2 forum, within 24 hours of launch become troll site.

  9. haziq says:

    i will agree if the seller register for online purchase don’t need to pay any single cent….but if it does wtf is that…that’s actually just want to take advantage and collect money from the seller…when this happen the seller need to increase the price and the buyer will the victim…and that monthly renewal FBS….

    1. Seiei97 says:

      “” Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister Datuk Seri Hamzah
      Zainuddin said, “Even if it is only for selling one product such as a
      telephone online, it must be registered with SSM and the item needed to
      be sold within 30 days. “”

  10. Izrul says:

    I hope they will build a proper, reliable online infrastructure that will allow easy SSM registration prior to this. The current infra is appalingly unreliable and more recently you are no longer allowed to register online!

  11. Ikd DKi says:

    btw, instead of garage sale, change name to derma thread. TS will be donating some items with t/c applied. The person who received the donation will donate to the TS.

    1. ohe ha ho says:

      that a good idea can donate more than 2 billion without GST

  12. Courage says:

    You ain’t gonna get my money for registering if I wanna sell just one bloody item.

  13. tcmean says:

    Next will be registration needed if you want to go online..

  14. Anuar Saad says:

    the rest of the world move foward. we move backward. wha’s new,,, right?

  15. fabian says:

    We need to start a meshnet in Malaysia. Free from controls. see

  16. Yana Snow says:

    What about those who sells their skill??? Harus jugakk kah??? stupid government….//fliptable

    1. ohe ha ho says:

      GST is Goods and Services Tax, skill is service. The problem is where the GST gone?? it gone to donation to Najib private account. so everyone just donate 6% of your money to Najib

  17. emrys says:

    April fools…

  18. emrys says:

    Is this a joke or something? Doesn’t make sense.

  19. Chris Quek says:

    Can someone clarify…. This means even if i only want to sell off my used Note 3 since ive just bought Note 5, i also need to register ? And if after 30 days no one buy it and i still want to try to sell it, I’ll have to re-register? ???

  20. ohe ha ho says:

    blog does not have a company and if the blog is hosting at oversea, it does not apply to MCMC rules.
    Are MCMC is going to block all domain that are not registered with MCMC? this going to be more worse than North Korea or China then.
    However, those stupid URL block by MCMC can easily remove by change your router DNS to use google DNS in just few minute, just don’t use Malaysia Telco’s DNS. Google it for how to change unifi, maxis, celcom, … router DNS

  21. I-Crove-Altico says:

    This would potentially stopping digital revenue from coming into Malaysia. All the transactions will be done and stored oversea banks.

    #I buy taxed, I sell taxed.

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