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Exclusive: MSI Vortex Hands On – A Fully-Loaded Compact Gaming Beast

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  1. Aminuel says:

    Seriously I dont Understand New Lowyat.com Layout..

    I click The Pics.. No Article, Only Picture..

    I click the Title.. Still The Same..

    Where is the Article Hidden..? -_-

    1. IckyMasala says:

      Also, on Android Chrome, one cannot open an article title link on a new tab anymore. Once you click it immediately goes to the page. Can’t click & hold to open in a new tab like in the old site layout.

      The 2 “Threads” columns also look misaligned on Android Chrome. Why not hide these under some sort of “burger” icon – as designers often call it.

      1. In general, the admins are still optimizing the site. Been a while since we changed to a new UI, so we ourselves are learning its flaw and shortcomings.

        I’m not the person that responsible for the design and backend stuff, so the decision is not on my hand but rest assured, the admins always read through all the feedback from our readers.

        1. Aminuel says:

          ah.. thanks for the clarification..

      2. cashique says:

        We are aware on the issues with Android Chrome. It should be rectified soon.

        1. Aminuel says:

          thanks for the fast feed back.. 🙂

    2. Kong King says:

      You need to disable Ad-Block Plus..

    3. cashique says:

      Some aggressive settings on ABP are causing that issue. We have not been able to replicate the issue with default ABP settings. Rest assured it is not a ‘feature’ of the site for the article to be hidden.

  2. Matni La says:

    meh, still prefer DIY PC build

  3. David Lee says:

    The one thing that concerns me here is that it uses a Hitachi hard disk. Other than that, sounds pretty good.

  4. jmkoding says:

    On my note 3 as I try to scroll down on main page it will straightaway load the article whichever picture I touch. Very annoying. Means I can only scroll by not touching any of the pictures on main page else I will load the article connected to the picture. I must try to flick from the top of the page which is white empty space to try and scroll down. This is on stock browser. Chrome seems ok

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