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Honor Reveals Malaysian Price For Honor 5X And Honor 7 Enhanced Edition; Opens Month Long Trial Programme

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  1. Lala Zai says:

    The enhanced edition is selling @ CNY1,999 which is less than RM1,260 based on today’s conversion rate. Add in the GST, it still shouldn’t be selling more than RM1,350. When the currency dropped they increased the price, now that the Ringgit is recovering but they pretend nothing happened. They don’t even have the courtesy to give its supporters a fairer bargain when their phones with so-so quality are being priced higher in the first place. Thumbs down Huawei!

  2. Ikd DKi says:

    Don’t blame them. Who can trust MYR when oil price itself is unstable and gov. spends money like it’s oil…

  3. Kian Tee says:

    Will go for Redmi Note 3 given the unattractive 5X price for the similar spec

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