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My Love-Hate Relationship with Dota 2

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  • LP

    I feel you fam. I was too calibrated at 1.4k mmr back in 2014. Back then I spam mainly OP heroes (Storm, Sven, Ursa were my favourites) in ranked and got constant harass and flames due to me being a core on the team. I make many stupid decisions and dumb plays that will cost the game at that time. After up and downs and countless matches of ranked games, i decided to expand my role by playing supports at the 3k brackets because I’m sick of 5-man carry team. If you think that 4k mmr brackets are the best and players are generally have higher understanding of game sense, you’re dead wrong ; 4k brackets are the most toxic, worst game environment I’ve ever been playing in.

  • CY

    Once u start rank in any team base multiplayer u get trash talk just live with it or quit multiplayer team base game.

  • Big Guy

    There’s something about a large playerbase and a competitive game that makes the community toxic. I myself am taking a break from CS:GO by playing Reflex, a small-community Quake clone. It amuses me that even though beginners get absolutely wrecked by experienced players, both can still laugh about it. The same can’t be said for the toxic and egotistical CS:GO community and I guess Dota as well.

  • velacooks

    I quit Dota 2 around CNY. Been tempted to touch it since this 7.0 thing came around but because i’d be so rusty.. The amount of toxic crap I probably will have to take has stopped me. I stopped at 3.6-8k MMR i think.

    Been playing Overwatch ever since it came out and it’s also toxic but atleast you only invest 15-20 mins per round. Though I’ll have to admit I do dish out some toxicity as well because even before the round starts.. you know an all dps team won’t work but no one wants to swap out. I don’t mind if it’s mistakes made but just the lack of some common sense really makes my gears grind.

  • Cendol

    all Dota 2 players are from Russian. They always talk to me in Russian. I guess they are saying Hi to me

  • Fadzly

    ive stopped playing dota since 1 year ago.. due to some pinoys. if we have our own server, then i will think back of playing again.

  • MoogleStiltzkin

    there are players who are bad, but think their great, so they call out others about mistakes they made, yet totally ignore their own mistakes, or worse commit another wrong as if 2 wrongs make a right… my point is moba is one of those games where it’s easy get riled up and start lashing out at your team mates most especially…. at least in heroes of the storm they muted opponent chat at the very least. and there an ignore chat option/report abuse. if you do play moba, play with friends who are so stuck up on performance/or people you can get along with, or just use ignore button. otherwise moba will not be fun :X

    that aside, i feel that if mobas have a good MMR system to pair like skilled players together, then the odds of these friction can be reduced… cause at least people with that amount of MMR had already proven their worth to be playing at that level of people of similar player ratings.

    so people prone to leave games or are utter newbs, get paired with those kinds. while leaving the regular players to play decent games (skill wise).

    but even with MMR that does not filter out the trolls or people with gutter personalities, but thats what report abuse and mute chat are for.

    This is the only way for a moba not to be ruined by a few rotten apples :X

    PS: i’ve played a bunch of mobas… dota, dota2, sotis, hon, strife, hots…. (even a tiny bit of lol though i didn’t get too much into that to be honest). so yes i know a lot about mobas :p

  • syah pala

    I stop playing Dota 2 since i read this … Disclosure: This article was sponsored by Digi. Digi is an official sponsor of the ESL One Genting tournament.

  • Kiishan Sekhon

    The only way moba can fix these horrible match systems is to admit defeat in the face of the chaos theory. Then they join with it by implementing a new mode called Bout mode where the average mmr is static but each player range from vastly diverse MMRs that combine to cancel each other out into the average mmr. In bout mode there will be a random hot game that will last until the first tier towers gets destroyed, in the hot game, MMR of the teams are seriously handicapped, meaning high MMR versus Low MMR bustling to destroy enemy tower in an early fast paced teamfight action with talent tree adjusted to a max of lvl 10. Until we are brave enough to admit chaos, we can never handle it, thus we must mix MMR… ‘the only way to get smarter is by playing against a smarter opponent’

  • Sam

    Once i muted all chat, my life gets better. No communication is better than bad communication.
    Communication is not needed in the toxic community. Once in a while I open the chat to guide or lead the team if i think its possible to win. Most of the time I just off and play and accept the fate that sometimes you got to get shit team . You can’t win all the time in order to learn .