Did Samsung Malaysia Just Tease The Upcoming Galaxy A 2017 Series?

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  1. MatSan says:

    Looks a lot like its more powerful brother, the S7.

  2. Prithipal says:

    Samsung can release new handsets every other day but unable to ensure there is enough stock available. A case in point is Samsung Gear S3 Frontier. Until today, none of the dealers have stock and no one for sure knows when the stock will arrive. Wake up Samsung Malaysia.

  3. tom2tommy says:

    Omg I just thinking about buying a5

  4. Zaryl Masters says:

    i am using the a5 2016 version, bought in april earlier this year. So far am liking it. Long battery life (depends if so many whatsapp messages can drain a lot of batteries!), clear screen, etc.
    Hoping to use A5 2016 until 10 more years to come! hahaha! 😀

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