redONE Introduces New Prepaid Plan with Free Data, Unlimited On-Net Calls and More

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  1. Jian Kang says:

    Additional note, free on-net call is for Prepaid to Prepaid only. Not sure about Prepaid to Postpaid.

  2. Bobby says:

    Hmm…this Redone prepaid card is abit difficult to find and search and my place , hmm have any better suggestion ah ?

    1. neven pika says:

      yes , not only for the redone ..its seriosuly difficult to use the prepaid …for emergency while your ph is out of credit its really like erghhh…very hard ….cnt get the topup on the spot wen needed …
      Hate to use prepaid now days, planing to get postpaid ..more stable ….no need to worry abt this kinda prblmz right …

      1. jesicaloo says:

        i know right, i dun really prefer prepaid as it is really troublesome for top up.This problem usually happen in d midnight when i need credit urgently bt there is no shop opened.It is kinda troublesome.

        1. Wash Mellow says:

          prepaid still good for me, some of the credit inside we can use to purchase other stuff, and also for boost app, we can use that to top up anytime anywhere, so in midnight also no issue

          1. Steven koay says:

            i like prepaid as i can control over how much i have spent and can spend within my budget. I believe nowadays top up will never be a problem as there are many ways can be sorted out.

          2. Bobby says:

            yes , this is why I choose prepaid too
            I think it’s a better way to control our credit too

      2. terence tow says:

        actually boost app support most of the telco, you can take a look, i believe this prepaid is inside too, some more if your phone out of credit, can use boost to instant top up your phone, you can do it anytime also, as long as internet connection is there.

        1. Bobby says:

          I have noticed this apps too. think this Is quite convenience , thanks for recommended this apps for prepaid user like us. now I have a better choice for top up for my prepaid sim card

    2. Mushrom Poon says:

      can see that this plan of price is cheap, but then the signal is how? coverage huge enough or not? how about the top up agent, mostly 7-11 do have this telco top up services?

    3. jesicaloo says:

      I suggest u to take postpaid as u no need worry about the problem of insufficient credit, yet u dont have to go everywhere just to find the card. Its more easy and convenient with postpaid now.

  3. Steven koay says:

    Actually different people have different perspective on using prepaid or postpaid, but nowadays with the advancement of technology, everything has became so convenient.

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