Pioneer AVH-X8850BT Lightning Review: Apple CarPlay for the Masses

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  • Ahmad Afiq

    Been using CarPlay on AVH-X8750BT for 6 months now;

    *Siri works great,
    *Apple maps sucks.

    Bought a separate Apple HDMI Adapter to use Pioneer AppRadio (Waze works great on AppRadio mode) and Mirror Link function (to watch YouTube/Netflix)

    • velacooks

      Bro care to shed some light
      Do you plug lightning cable into usb 1 and AV adaptor into usb 2? or does the adaptor use the hdmi jack? Im thinking of getting it.

      • Ahmad Afiq

        Lightning to USB 1, HDMI Adapter to HDMI port.
        USB 2 is dedicated for Android Auto.

        • velacooks

          Oh great. Good to know because I play to try both apple play and andriod auto.

          Oh one more thing. Is there any other way to use youtube/netflix without mirroring?

          • Ahmad Afiq

            Youtube can, Netflix not yet.

            You need to purchase the app on AppRadio, but I don’t like the interface, better use mirrorlink.

            You can check this website on all the App/upcoming App on Pioneer HU –