Travel Recommends: A New, Affordable Pocket WiFi Companion When Travelling Overseas

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  1. Kuki says:

    I find it curious that no African country is mentioned even if to say the Travel Recommends service is not available there. How do you leave us out? People in African countries travel within and some of us living in the diaspora travel there often. We started using Whatsapp many years ago. We are ahead in the innovative ways we use our cell phones. You cannot continue to exclude us any more.

  2. DT says:

    Bad experienced I had with travel recommends, told me no device few hours before my departure! Be careful engaging with this company, they will ruin your holiday!

    1. Darren says:

      Last time I experience same thing but then they got compensate me. I decided to try again 2 weeks ago and I was pleased with the service and connection. Underground subway can even stay connected not bad la. Maybe last time new lor. I think they started few months ago never see before last year

  3. theOwlBoyz says:

    Bad experienced as well. For Sabah and Sarawak, don’t bother use this service. Their courier service mostly never happen. They will most likely to call you to pick up at KLIA on very last 1-2 days before you departure. KLIA1, not KLIA2. So if using AirAsia, good luck. Unless they recently change their policy. For return, make sure you send them email or whatsapp. For my case, I did not have time to return it at KLIA1 during my trip. I wait for 2 days and no response on how to use courier to return to them. It will be have penalty charges for late return. So email to them and they response. Luckily they say no late penalty for my case. They using this http://easyparcel.my/ courier service. I hope they improve their customer service especially for Sabah and Sarawak customers. About their pocket wifi device, probably bad luck. The device keep Disconnected every hour or so. It needs to reboot in order to use it. Others than that, it works as ads.

  4. Ngu Lin Min says:

    Bad experience with Travel Recommend travelling to Melbourne. It is said unlimited data but we can only connect for a while, probably only 200MB, then the connection become very slow or not working at all. Ended up we need to purchase sim card for gps and messaging. Never want to rent from them again! It could ruin your holiday!

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