Celcom Partners With Ericsson and Huawei To Accelerate LTE Expansion: Includes LTE-A and VoLTE

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  1. Zaryl Masters says:

    no point having 6G or 10G speed but the quota limit is pathetic or the quota distribution is crap eg. 15GB on 1-7am, 5GB on 24hours, etc. If the speed justifies the given quota at a very affordable price, then i shall consider this news as good news. Otherwise, it’s just WTF.

    1. ionStorm says:

      With increased speed comes the ability to grant more quota. You must understand each tower acts like a hub, not a switch. Wireless bands are a finite resource and do not scale like wired connections. If they grant too much quota, people end up staying on the network too long and that will cause congestion.

      1. nullified says:

        then they will have to figure out the tower expansion plan, why does other country be able to provide such service and Malaysia cant?

        1. ionStorm says:

          Exactly what “service” are you referring to? How many countries do you know of that provide ridiculous amounts of quota for mobile?

        2. R3d_Eyes says:

          Can you show us a telco that provides high speed unlimited mobile package? a true high speed unlimited package? I believe it’s close to none due to the nature of limited wireless spectrum.

          What ionStorm explain is the hard fact everyone must accept. It’s not down to telco’s limitation but a technology limitation.

          Imagine you have 10 towers at the same place, but your spectrum license is still limited based on government allocation.

          1. Another guy says:

            Well, actually there’s a lot of other operators out there that provide true unlimited speed without any quota. For example in Finland, DNA have this plan for 30€. You can see the details here in this link but Google translate is required since it’s in Finnish.
            Speed is quite good as some places you can get 110/20 for DL/UL. On average, the speed is 40/15. Of course there are limitation in any technology, but with correct planning and optimization of radio network, the limitation can be overcome and provide quality connection to the end user.

          2. R3d_Eyes says:

            Don’t get me wrong. I’m not arguing that radio network cannot be optimised. I’m sure that it can with a proper planning and cost. Is it worth to invest and charge you RM100 a month? I guess the answer is simple a ‘No’?

            So let’s look at the population of Finland vs Malaysia and you will see a huge difference in terms of what is capable in Finland but not Malaysia.

      2. Motoyama says:

        Which brings back to the same point,. Why waste money to invest in 5G if not gonna get increased quota? 4G is pretty much fast enough. With no increase of quota, it’s a waste of money and time. Might as well pass the savings to consumers with lower price. From 3G to 4G, maybe it’s a worthwhile upgrade as significant increased of speed can be seen. Now speed is just fine. Coverage and data quota isn’t. Seems like the telco industry are just screwing customers (and investors) with some redundant upgrade in the future.

        1. ionStorm says:

          “If they grant too much quota, people end up staying on the network too long and that will cause congestion.”

          Imagine the mobile connection as a highway (spectrum). They’re trying to give you faster cars so you’ll get off the highway sooner because they can’t increase the size of the highway.

          1. Motoyama says:

            You said wireless can’t scale. And based on your explanation, it sounds like you can only have so many cars on the road regardless how fast is it. Besides, what’s the use of faster car? Mawi can do 110 km/h , it’s fast enough, when you are only allowed to do ten trips every month? Sure, you can break speed limit with your Ferrari, say go at 250km/h. So what? You still can only go ten trips per month!!!

            Which is what i am trying to say…new tech (5G and future) is a rip off if it doesn’t enables more quota limit at a cheaper price. Just like you don’t need an i7 to do MSOFFICE. A Pentium dual core from 3 years ago still can do the job fine.

          2. ionStorm says:

            You almost got it with the 110 vs 250km/h analogy. Here’s what I want to point out – once the provider has upgraded you to a faster car (5G) then of course the onus is on them to allow you to do more trips per month (quota) because now they have the ability to do so with a lower risk of congestion.

            I agree it doesn’t necessarily mean that 5G=more quota. It simply means that they will be in a position to offer more. Whether they do it of course remains to be seen, that’s where telco wars come into play.

        2. Kong King says:

          Why the need for upgrade the same technology is you can upgrade to more advance technology while can sustain more user in the same time with the same price?

        3. ionStorm says:

          4G is fast because it is – but you won’t feel the same way when the network is congested. If you’ve ever been to packed places like concerts, extremely large fairs or festivals that’s what the beginning of congestion feels like. Imagine if quotas were increased and people just felt free to stream.

          Coverage is poor typically due to the ROI and that won’t change any time soon.

          I’ve run out of ways to explain the relationship between quota and speed so i’ll leave it at that.

    2. Kong King says:

      3GB is more than enough for light use ea, music stream,facebook,whatsapp,twitter and insta. I dont know why people still use mobile data for downloading purpose.

      1. Zaryl Masters says:

        true, but to some people who stays at house taman that still have no access to streamyx or unifi, they have no choice but to use wireless broadbands as their main internet at home. They are hoping to have a LOGICAL quota amount with HIGH SPEED data rate

        1. Kong King says:

          Logical Quota? How much is Logical? By Malaysian standard, everything need to be free and top of the chart..

          1. Zaryl Masters says:

            to me, logical quota would be 30GB per month with 5Mbps with price of ~RM120. 30GB for a month of moderate youtube/netflix streaming, online gaming & etc should cover it. But that is just me.

          2. Kong King says:

            30GB is not enough for Malaysian standard.

          3. ionStorm says:

            That sounds logical now, but it’ll become illogical when it becomes the norm. People will always find creative ways to use the excess (stream at 4k or 8k 360deg for example).

            It’s just like spending money. For some, the more you earn, the more creative you get at spending it. There are those who are thrifty and for them even 1GB is too much.

    3. muhd fahmi says:

      they are being competitive by bringing LTE-A, VoLTE…as this is business entity they also want to earn some…by expanding with new infra… future proof(supposedly)…they can give more quota.. want more quota? use wired internet bro… this is reality.. welcome back to real life

      1. Zaryl Masters says:

        some people stays at residential area that still do not have access to streamyx or unifi or other wired based broadbands for a long time. With that, the need of the high speed wireless broadband with LOGICAL amount of quota with HIGH SPEED data rate

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