Civil Servants Complain That WhatsApp Use Causes Psychological Distress

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  1. noos says:

    Last time: 8am-5pm office working hours, 5pm-12am free hours
    Now: 8am-5pm office working hours, 5pm-12am home working hours

    Social apps makes everyone closer from each other and in the same time makes everyone no more free time~

    1. Zul Adlee says:

      couldn’t agree more

  2. palgo47 says:

    salah whatsapp la pulak..bodo

  3. carnby77 says:

    Duk office pun relak aje….we at private sector never complain also…besides you gov servants only work 8-5…wtf complain some more… the phone after office hours lah…..If wassap during working hours then answerlah….or you all too busy walking around the malls shopping?

    1. Zul Adlee says:

      we? i am in the private sector who hates whatsapp, all the time, what they post is some lame ass jokes,unfunny pics, and unnecessary conversation..too bad it is almost a requirement to have whatsapp nowadays for work.

      1. Gavin Yong says:

        Then you should get unprofessional post clamped down then.
        Work groups should strictly share work related material only.
        Even /k as moderators…….Work whatsapp groups don’t have mdoerators?

        Besides, how is using whatsapp make your working life harder when the same effects came in when the cellphone was introduced 30 years ago.

    2. user99999 says:

      actually, you should correct your words. officers of government servants are binded by ‘aku janji’ which they had to comply to any orders even after office hours. it’s not strictly 8-to-5 works, it’s 8-to-5+whenever instructed…for those in medics we know it by on-call.

      Whatsapp just made giving orders especially the urgent/very urgent to easier.

      imagine this, one night, a higher up send whatsapp msg to his officer asking for info for the next day 8.30am morning meeting while the officer eating out with family. s/he were given due date before the meeting. of course he needs to source out the info, ask his collages, type it out, proof-read it, and send to the higher up before he sleeps because the higher up would need to read it and ask for corrections.

      think lives as government officials is easy?

      *situation above may apply to private sector too.

  4. AhMeng says:

    Eh why end up blame whatsapp. is the user who is to be blamed for lack in self discipline

  5. John Kin says:

    LOL at the last sentence. true also.

  6. Game-R says:

    Tak dapat tido kat kerja lebih 5 minit dapat WhatsApp mesej. Sure distress!

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