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(Update: Available Now) This Is The New Celcom First Platinum Postpaid: 18GB Data and Unlimited Calls For RM 150 Per Month

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  1. Filament says:

    Perfect for those needed more and willing to pay more for all the extras. A niche market.

  2. Matchy says:

    Probably trying to counter Maxis’s “new” One plan…lol

    1. Ismail Mohd Yusof says:

      that “one” nice 😉

  3. Motoyama says:

    Before MAXIS can even follow, Celcom has moved another step ahead. Well done.
    Padan muka MAXSHITZ. Everyone wants to port out. Looks like MAXIS has to change their marketing brochures before it can be released end of this month…lol

  4. corie says:

    USELESS because sellkom still dont have even 3G in my town…also this telco keep spamming sms

    1. Bender Rodriguez™ says:

      couldn’t agree more ! I need an ad-blocker for sms

    2. Mandy Yap says:

      I am using Celcom for nearly 5 years. Yes, did receive some msg, but not until spamming stage.
      I notice that even others telco also got this kind of messages… hmm

  5. Fairuz Sudin says:

    only for niche market..people just want free call plus sms..internet as long as unlimited, people still can stay with it even though it slow..

  6. user99999 says:

    9gb on weekend is a bit overboard. 5gb is the sweet spot. celcom should have done 13gb weekday, 5gb weekend.

    1. voon says:

      i now subscribe the gold elite, the weekend 5gb will devided to 1.25GB weekly,
      if u did’t use it, its will added to your monthly data
      i use it for 3 month, i just check the data balanced still have 9.4gb and its reset at 2nd of the month

      1. user99999 says:

        afaik, the weekend quota wouldn’t be carried forward. it expires if not used up on the weekend it’ available. I’m first blue user btw.

  7. YH says:

    Its a good plan on the Wonderoam, especially for those travel lots on business trip! currently the rate is RM38 per day and cost RM266 for 7 days, which i can save RM128 for 7 days roaming!

  8. Kok Fu Sheng says:

    meanwhile in the coming maxis marketing department meeting

    hows sales?

    * silence*

    how many ppl port out this month?


  9. Ahmad Afiq says:

    Baru sign Platinum plan. The only downside is topup internet available RM20 for 1GB.

    If not topup RM80 for 10GB.

    1. Breatice says:

      18gb is too hard to kill in a month.
      I think u might not have the chance to top up your data. lol

      1. Ahmad Afiq says:

        I stream alot, usually top-up more or less than 20gb a month.

        Yesterday sign for platinum plan.

        You can see attachement for today’s balance free weekend.

  10. peterong says:

    What’s the point if you have 16Gb limit but need stretch your arm outside the window to get 3G signal? I don’t say this happen everyone, but this currently happen to me and I believe I’m not alone. I’m staying in Puchong

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